Under His Wing

Even though Landon and Stapes had never built a successful business of their own, Mark saw something special in the two of them and wanted to create an opportunity to work together. A few months after the event, he pinged the duo and said, “Hey boys, how would you like to bring your talents to the Hoverson empire?” Landon and Stapes jumped at the opportunity, and Mark began to mentor them both in life and in business. There was only one problem: Mark had Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer – the same type that killed Steve Jobs. “I’ve been told I only have 30 days to live, so we have to work fast”, he said. The first project Landon and Stapes tackled for Mark was managing his Facebook™ group of 2,000 clients that he had generated online. So, Mark began to teach Landon & Stapes how to speak, write, & rally a community.