Imagine picking a fresh, juicy, delicious orange right off the tree…

The sooner you can squeeze the juice or take a bite – the more flavorful, valuable, and nutrient dense the orange will be for you.

The longer you wait to harvest & activate the value of that orange – the less nutrients & value you’ll receive (& will even sometimes rot away completely).

Your leads are NO different.

Your leads are the actual lifeblood of your business.

Your leads often determine the health & stability of your business, month to month.

And the big problem we’re noticing with coaches today – is that most of them are treating their leads like rocks – instead of a glorious piece of fruit.

They generate a lead on their email list & hold their breathe until they buy…

They pay for ads to have leads watch a 90 minute webinar, then never personally speak with them again or add value…

They think their leads will last forever, as if they’re not a living thing, and just a number in an autoresponder.

They pick the fresh orange off the tree & let it rot away.

And then scratch their heads & wonder why they’re hungry & aren’t making any money.

We do things differently.

In the past few years – we’ve harvested $10M in cash collected revenue from leads we treated like oranges – instead of rocks.

We activate the value of our leads quickly & effectively.

We cultivate our leads with a very high touch, high value experience within their first 7 days.

We treat our leads with care & appreciation.

And we do that using a carefully designed eco-system called “Clients & Community.” In other words, a group.

But it’s not what you see on the outside of this group.

It’s the magic that’s happening on the INSIDE.

Behind the scenes, there’s magic happening here every single day.

(and a whole lot of revenue being generated daily)

We have 100+ leads a day joining this group now.

And as soon as they join, the cultivation begins with strategic content, support, & valuable offers.

Every new member is guided behind the scenes on their own unique journey, receiving value along the way, and getting solutions to your problems.

And many of them turn into happy paying clients – ripe off the tree.

And because the cultivation of value, follow up, and sales systems inside our group are also tailored for activating & storing high quality leads… many of them become happy clients weeks, months, and even years later (we actually teach our clients exactly how to do this step by step in their own groups).

Treat your leads like a fresh orange.

Treat them with care.

Cultivate them quickly.

Place them into an eco-system to activate & store their value for short & long term sales.

We use a carefully designed group & custom client acquisition process.

I’d suggest you do the same.

Groups are the future of lead cultivation.

If you don’t have a dialed in group in 1-2 years, you will be left behind because you’ll be treating your leads like rocks, instead of oranges.

Let’s grow.

Let’s harvest.

Who’s with us?