The moral of the story is… “Simplicity Scales”…

Lemme’ explain:

A couple of years ago, Chris Stapleton and I a friend and colleague who invested $15,000 into having an elegant sales funnel designed for himself.

It had 14 different pages, a dozen if/then emails (meaning, if a lead opened an email, but didn’t click on the link inside, a different email gets sent out), and sold three different products; high ticket, low ticket, and continuity.

He had a grand vision of generating hundreds of leads per day, converting those leads into sales automatically, and making millions. I even remember him calling it “the most sophisticated funnel of our time”.

Except the problem was: It didn’t work. And the larger problem was: He didn’t know why. The funnel had 14 different pages in it; which page was the problem? Or was it one of the email sequences? Or the offer? Or the messaging? No idea.

Most people think the more complex a system is, the more likely it is to work. But the reality is: the more complex a system is, the more likely it is that at least one piece of it DOESN’T work, and the more difficult it is to figure out which piece that is.

So what did our friend do? He simplified. And within two years, he scaled his company from zero to over $20 million/year.

When we started our first coaching company, we made a similar mistake. We made our business more complicated and stressful than it needed to be because we felt like that’s how business was supposed to be.

How did we do that? Well, we tried selling all the things all the time. We had 2-3 different offers going at any moment. And once a quarter, we decided to create something new.

I remember hopping on a meeting with our team and a staff member saying, “What are we changing now?” as he rolled his eyes. Because we changed direction so often.

(I’m talking about you, Justin Poulet. And thanks for that, btw, really helped us see a problem we didn’t see for ourselves).

On top of that, we felt like we needed to be everywhere. So we started a YouTube channel, ran paid ads, got on Instagram, started email marketing, etc. And similar to our friend, we were having difficulty pinpointing what was working and what was wasting our time.

Eventually, we had had enough. What we found was, the majority of our results came from our Facebook™ group, even though we spent only a fraction of our time focused on it. So we decided to go all-in on the “power of one”…

One offer.

One funnel.

One Facebook™ group.

And in just 12 months, we used the “power of one” to scale our coaching company from a chaotic $20k/month to a streamlined $500k/month.

Look at your business:

What are you making more complicated than it needs to be? Where can you simplify?

Some of you have more offers than us, a more complicated funnel than us, utilize more marketing methods than us, yet your revenue is just a fraction of ours.

Simplify & scale, my friends.

See you at the top.