Being an entrepreneur is often a gift and a curse.

We’re creative…

We ‘re problem solvers…

We’re big thinkers…

… BUT …

… many times we cut ourselves off from achieving our true potential because we try so damn 

hard to figure everything out on our own – without using the cheat code.

Look at us for example:

One of our biggest mistakes when we started out  – was we thought we can do everything on our own.

We grinded our fingers to the bone.

We made mistakes we shouldn’t have.

We had too much pride in doing it “our way”.

We spent time on problems that could have been solved in minutes, versus weeks & months.

And it cost us a ridiculous amount of time & energy.

And almost caused us to crash & burn late 2019.

But then – we finally tapped into the ultimate cheat code:


And it was the best decision we ever made.

We hired others to help solve our problems, instead.

We hired professionals who allowed us to hack 5-10 years of experience, overnight.

So instead of asking ourselves:

“How can we solve this problem?”

We started asking ourselves:

“Who can we hire to solve this problem?”

And in a blink of an eye…

…we transformed our annual revenue, into our monthly revenue – faster than anything we imagined.

Too many coaches are stuck without the code.

They are doing everything alone.

And it’s going to cost them big in the long run.

Our advice?

Use the code.

Hire experts to hack experience for radical growth.

And watch what happens to your confidence, speed of results, and overall clarity as a whole.

Stop doing things alone.

Since January 2020 – we’ve been hiring experts in multiple different fields to help us accomplish our goals.

And we’ll never rely on doing things alone, again.

So my next time you’re facing a big problem inside of your business – ask yourself:

“Who can I hire to help me solve this problem now?”

And your business will never be the same again.

This is the ultimate cheat code.

Swipe & deploy, now.

Or… continue to fight an uphill battle by yourself.

There’s a cost to both.

But one of those decisions will cost you exponentially more in the long run.

We know because we’ve been there.

We’ve seen both sides.

And we now choose the cheat code, every single time.

You don’t need to know the solution to every problem.

You just need to know the right people to help solve it.