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The Clients & Community Team is always looking for growth-orientated, high-performance people ready to deliver amazing results for our clients.

Our Core Values


Protect Your Biology

We believe that in order to activate our potential we must protect & care for our biology- aka the machine that is you. Whether it is eating the right foods, moving our body or establishing healthy boundaries; we make decisions that do not rob from tomorrow so we can show up our best selves each day.


Get 1% Better Everyday

We believe the difference between good & great is not a mile…it’s just a single step. And that’s a step we’re willing to take every day in order to ensure we’re constantly growing into more.


Radical Responsibility

We believe in taking radical responsibility for every area of our life. While not every problem is our fault, how we find a solution is our responsibility & duty. We always strive to be great stewards of that which has been entrusted to us.


Do What’s Right For The Client

We believe in seeking mutual benefit in all human and business interactions. A client centric, win-win mentality comes from the heart of collaboration, not competition. We understand there is plenty for everyone in life & business so we always do what’s right for the client.


Data-Driven Decisions

We believe that numbers are a universal language that don’t lie. “Feelings” and “gut instinct” have their place, but are not the foundation of effective decision making. We treat data with care, are accountable to it, and act in accordance to the story it tells.


Roll Up Your Sleeves

We believe that more important than getting the job done- is the outcome of the job itself. There are no sacred cows. We are constantly looking for more efficient, effective & impactful solutions for ourselves & clients…even if that means “building a new fence”. 

Generous Benefits

We believe that when we take care of our team, our team will take care of our members. Join a 100% remote team from all over the world.

Completely Remote

Work from a small town in Costa Rica or live the city life in New York. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you’re set

Flexible Working Hours

Aside from some specifics, you can work when you want to – the results are what matter to us, not what time of day we achieve them.

World Class Teammates

Everyone is committed to becoming world class at what they do – so you don’t have to slow down.

Yearly Company Retreat

Once a year, we get together in cool locations around the globe to collaborate and celebrate.

Yearly Tech/Productivity Stipend

You get $1,000/year to invest in productivity, whether that’s a laptop, a desk, a whiteboard, or whatever you need to keep yourself in top productivity shape.

Unlimited Professional Development Allowance

From courses to personal development conferences, we gotcha. Investing in our team is what makes us all better.

Prestigious Clients

We work with some of the best, highest-performing coaches and agencies out there and help them scale.

Prestigious Clients

We work with some of the best, highest-performing coaches and agencies out there and help them scale.

Top-Notch Culture
(and Free Swag)

Even though we don’t have an office, we strive to be as connected and coordinated as possible.

Careers at Clients & Community

Careers at
Clients & Community

The Clients & Community Team is always looking for growth-oriented, high-performance people ready to deliver amazing results for our clients.

How We Hire

You’ll go through our recruiting process in the following order. Certain positions might have small variations to the process, but most positions are similar to the steps below. 

Step 1

Application Review

This is an opportunity to show us how your background fits in with what we’re looking for in our new hire. You’ll provide a resume to showcase what you’ve done elsewhere. 

Step 2

15-Minute Initial Chat

You’ll have a 15-minute call to discuss a high-level overview of your experience and if you’ll be a good match to join the team. We’ll cover expectations, what you’ll need to succeed, and what working on the team might look like.

Step 3

Strengths Tests

You’ll then be sent two complete tests from the Predictive Index (PI), which should only take you about 20 minutes. The first test is for gauging how you interact and do work, and the second test is to find out your learning preference. 

Step 4

30-Minute Video Call

At this step, you’ll have a conversation with your future direct manager to get to know each other and discuss the ideal test project to get the ball rolling. 

Step 5

Test Project

This is your (paid) opportunity to work with us as if you’re already a member of our team. It’s just as important for us to see what it’s like to work with you as it is for you to see what it’s like to work with us! Give the test project your best shot, and if things go well, we’ll make you an offer. 

Step 6


You’ve completed a test project, and we enjoy working together. At this point, you’ll receive an official offer from our team that, if you accept, will be the start of a rewarding and exciting experience. 

Open Positions

Full-Time | Remote | US & Canadian Timezones

About The Role

On-Target Earnings (Base + Commission): $60,000 – $90,000 USD

Here are the responsibilities of the Outbound Appointment Setter:

  • Outbound calls to daily book customers
  • Outbound FB messages to qualified group leads
  • Generating sales appointments for our closers (advisors) from group promos/lead magnets/qualified group members/ email broadcasts
  • Updating KPI spreadsheets daily

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