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The Million Dollar Group Method

See how coaches, consultants, & agency Owners are using Facebook™ groups to acquire daily
high-paying clients (in just
a few hours each week).


What is the million dollar group method?

The Million Dollar Group Method™ is our process for transforming an ordinary group into a client-getting machine.

Using The Million Dollar Group Methodology, you’ll have the ability to grow your group with pre-qualified, eager-to-buy prospects each & every single day.

Then, using the Strategic Content Formula™ taught inside of this book, you’ll now have the ability to build a bond with your prospects rapidly, showcase your expertise, & prove your authority in as little as 2 hours each week.

After your prospects have been warmed up, you’ll have the ability to convert new group members into high-paying clients in just 21 days or less.

In the pages of this book, you’ll find the exact methodology we’ve used to build a $10 million coaching empire.

"The Group Growth Techniques Allowed Me To Scale My Business Beyond 7-Figures. Thanks Clients & Community."

Brandon Olson
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"Before Clients & Community, We Struggled To Monetize Our Group... But Now Our Group Generates Us Over $60,000 Per Month."

David & Elle Denning

"I Was Stuck On How To Turn Group Members Into Clients, But After Plugging Into Clients & Community, I Generate New Clients Daily!"

Nikos Saklabanakis

"After Struggling With Group Growth, I Started Working With Clients & Community... And I've Grown My Group To 3,000 People & I've Generated $455,000 In Revenue..."

Marcia Bench

How client-based business owners can easily generate high-paying clients with their Facebook™ group…

Because Facebook™ groups are the fastest, most effective, and easiest way to acquire high-paying clients online… and inside our Million Dollar Group Method Book, we will take you by the hand and help you start, grow, and monetize your very own client-getting Facebook™ group. 

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