The Story Of Clients & Community

From $0 to $400,000+/month in revenue in less than 9 months…

Hi. Landon Stewart & Chris Stapleton here.

We’d like to share a bit of our story with you.

In January of 2019, we launched our first coaching program.

The coaching part came easy. 

The client acquisition part? Not so much.

(maybe you can relate)

  • We didn’t know how to generate high quality, targeted leads on a daily basis.
  • We didn’t know to convert the few leads we were generating into high paying clients.
  • We didn’t know how to position ourselves as the absolute authority in our industry.

So we spent 2019 fumbling around, trying to figure things out …

… and boy, was it messy.

We launched a myriad of different funnels & marketing campaigns:

Webinar Funnels. Facebook Ads. Cold outreach. Etc.

With that barrage of marketing, we had moderate, yet unsustainable success.

By December of that year, we were beat.

Even though we were revving about $20k/month, we were working 60 hours+/week, & we were exhausted.

Our coaching business became a rollercoaster of revenue & emotion.

So at the end of 2019, we came to a crossroads:

“Do we want to go all in our coaching business or do we want to hang up our hat & do something else?”

Because we absolutely love coaching, we chose to double down …


“… & That’s When We Had An ‘Aha
Moment’ That Changed Everything…”


In December of 2019, we did a year in review & discovered something shocking…

While we were focusing 80% of our time, effort, & energy on webinar funnels & cold outreach & just 20% of our time on our Facebook group…

…the Facebook group accounted for upwards of 80% of our new clients generated.

So headed into 2020, we made a decision:

We decided to go all in on groups.

We took everything we learned the year before & in January of 2020, we started a brand new group from scratch, called: Clients & Community.

In the first month our new group was live …

… we did over $70,000 in new revenue.

Keep in mind, our biggest month ever up to that point was right around ~$30k … so we were ecstatic. And doubled down even further.

A few months later, we had our first $100,000 month.

By July, we were doing over $300,000/month.

Just 12 months after nearly calling it quits, we grew our brand new group from zero to over 28,000 active & engaged members … and our revenues from $20,000/month to over $500,000/month.

“What if You Had a Predictable Way

to Consistently Acquire New

High Ticket Clients Daily?


And what’s great about our strategy too is:

For new members to join our group, they first must opt in with name, email, & phone number.

So on top of 26,000 group members …

We’ve also grown an email list of over 30,000 people & a txt message list of over 20,000 people:

We call each lead generated through this process a TRIFECTA LEAD™.

Because we get an email, phone number, & group member all at once … and it’s one of the core drivers behind our ability to convert ~100 new group members per day into 40-60 high ticket clients each month.

“How Would Your Business Change

If Your Group Was Growing By 100+

Targeted Members Each Day … &

You Were Enrolling An Additional

10, 20, 30 Clients Each Month?”

Once we saw how well our Group Method worked inside of our own business … we decided to start teaching our process to other coaches we worked with.

At first we were nervous to start teaching our method to others because we didn’t know if we had just gotten “lucky” or maybe it was a fluke …

… but after seeing a few other coaches apply our method in their own business & get similar results

… we knew we were onto something.

So we’ve spent the last 2 years dissecting our method & turning it into a simple & repeatable process any coach can use to acquire high ticket clients from their Facebook™ group …

… and we’re revealing our some of our methods inside our “Group Clients Mini-Course”.

Inside, we’ll share with you exactly what it takes to scale your very own wildly profitable, client-getting Facebook™ group.

If you’re a high ticket coach, consultant, or course creator… and you’d like to acquire new clients dailythis Mini-Course is for you.

We have clients winning big with Facebook™ groups in every coaching niche you can imagine…

  • Coaches / Consultants / Course Creators
  • Relationships
  • Real Estate / Investors
  • FitPros / Nutritionists
  • SEO Services
  • Medical Doctors
  • Christianity
  • Fitness / Weight Loss / Getting In Shape
  • Spirituality
  • Insurance Agents
  • Small Businesses
  • Credit Repair
  • Photographers
  • Ecom Business Owners

And now we want to help you with scale your revenue with a Facebook™ group!

Start our free “Group Clients Mini-Course” now to learn more.

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