“I need a big group with lots of members to generate substantial revenue for my coaching business…”

“My group is way too small to get any consistent sales…”


Here’s the truth:

It’s ‘not’ that your group is too small.

The truth is you don’t have the right systems for daily growth & client acquisition.  

You see, it’s not the size of your group that matters.

What matters is:

#1.) Your growing it daily by a ‘minimum’ of 10 highly targeted new members a day (keyword: “highly targeted” / not just family & friends)

#2.) Your group has strategic client-getting systems that sell the *right offer* (at the right time), to help solve your new members biggest problem.

Don’t get lost in getting large group numbers.

Focus on the big needle movers.

🔑 Daily targeted member growth.

🔑 Group systems designed to sell the right offer.

We have handfuls of new clients that start making 5-figures per month in revenue with less than 500 members, right away.

And we’ve also seen people with 50,000+ group members, but can barely afford groceries.

When you understand this principle, the flood gates of your income potential open up to you.

Even if it’s 100, 1,000, or 50,000 members….

You have potential to create a full-time income & more.

It’s not about the big numbers.

It’s about the daily growth & client-getting systems.

All of which we teach inside of our Million Dollar Group Method book

Grab yourself a copy & thank us later.