We’ve all been there—scrolling through Instagram, laughing at memes, double-tapping those aesthetic photos, and then… ding! A new DM notification. But what if I told you that simple DM could be your next big client? Intrigued? Let me explain.

Have you ever had that moment on Instagram when someone slides into your DMs with a joke, and you instantly felt a connection? Or maybe you were the one doing the sliding, throwing in a cheeky line about someone’s profile picture. Well…

Here’s my story…

Last week, as I was casually browsing through my Instagram, a DM popped up. Someone mentioned I looked like this famous actor from a show I’m a fan of. Instead of the usual “thanks,” I threw in a sarcastic reference from the show. The result? Genuine laughter, a connection, and by the end of our chat—a new client on board.

This got the wheels in my head turning. How can we, in our businesses, harness the power of genuine conversations in DMs to create meaningful connections and eventually, clients?

So here are the 6 steps to do just that:

  1. Be Authentic: This is the foundation. Ditch the robotic sales pitch. Be genuine, be you. Like their posts, comment genuinely, and when you slide into their DMs, make it personal.
  1. Engage Actively: Stand out amidst the sea of notifications. Like their pictures, comment on their posts, and make your presence felt. Multiple touchpoints increase the likelihood of a response.
  1. Tailored Messaging: Craft that initial DM carefully. A simple “Hey, saw you’re into [specific interest]. Have you checked out our latest [relevant product/service]?” can spark curiosity.
  1. The Power of Follow-Up: Not everyone will reply immediately. And that’s okay. Life happens. Give them some time, then nudge gently. A friendly follow-up can reignite the conversation.
  1. Ask Relevant Questions: Dive deeper into their interests. Engage them in a conversation that revolves around their needs. It’s about understanding them and showcasing how you can add value.
  1. Expand Your Platforms: Don’t limit yourself to just Instagram. Once the conversation is flowing, feel free to share resources via email or even SMS. But always keep it relevant and tailored.

Now, while Instagram is a fantastic platform, it does come with its quirks. Ever heard of Instagram’s “action blocked”? It’s their version of a timeout. So always prioritize rapport. Engage first, and once they’re responsive, go ahead and share those valuable resources.

And here’s the golden nugget: It’s not about the sheer volume of DMs you send. It’s about the quality of the conversations you have.

To wrap this up, let me leave you with this thought:

Imagine a world where your DMs are not just random messages but a bridge to meaningful connections. That’s the world I envision for each of you. It starts with a simple “Hello” but can lead to so much more…

So, what’s stopping you? Slide into those DMs, start a conversation, and watch as your network—and client list—grows.

See you on the other side of success.