Imagine this…

You’ve set up an amazing Facebook group, poured hours into it, but the sound of crickets is deafening. The engagement? Minimal. The client conversions? Non-existent.

We’ve seen countless talented coaches struggle with this very frustrating scenario – but not us. 

Right from the outset, we had a vision and a strategy in place. We weren’t just starting a group; we were building a community designed to generate client conversations. 

And guess what? We’ve not only succeeded for ourselves but have also turned the tide for hundreds of coaches. 

Here’s how…

#1. Group Approval Questions

Think of them as our virtual bouncers. Three simple questions to weed out anyone who doesn’t fit our tribe, and more importantly, hint at those who are ripe for a deeper conversation.

Question 1: Pre-Qualification 

This is where we weed out the serious from the casual. A simple question like, “This group is for ____________. Are you an active ____________ now? Or are you aspiring to become one?” does the trick.

Question 2: Email Collection

We ask for their best email. Why? So we can send them special invites to our LIVE weekly training classes. And yes, sprinkle in some promotional material they’ll love. But we’re upfront about it. Always.

Question 3: Messenger Question

This is where the magic happens. 

We ask, “We specialize in helping ___________ do/create _____________. Would you like us to send you a private message with the details? (YES/NO)”

About half of the people who join our group say “YES” to the third question. And from there, a good chunk converts into clients. Just from that one question!

#2. Weekly Livestreams

Every week, we hop on a livestream. For a full 25 minutes, we give… and give… and give some more—value, that is. Then, with the energy in the room high, we pop the question—Who wants to chat more? You’d be amazed how many hands shoot up.

#3. Responding to Group Member Questions

Ever felt ignored in a crowded room? The power of acknowledgment can’t be overstated. 

That’s why when a member of our Facebook group asks a question, we see it as an opportunity. A conversation starter. So, we don’t just answer; we engage, drawing them into a deeper dialogue.

#4. Direct Honeypots

Imagine a post that screams, “Let’s work together!” That’s a Direct Honey Pot for you. 

These posts have a clear, unmistakable call to action, like: “If you want to smash past those income barriers and see what it’d be like to work with us… comment below.” 

It’s bold. It’s direct. And while it might not get a thousand comments, the ones it does attract are… golden. 

Think about it—we once converted 45 comments from 1 direct honeypot into nearly $100k in revenue. 

I’ll let that sink in…

#5. Indirect Honeypots

These are the stealthy ninjas of our strategy. 

They’re not about the immediate kill. They’re about creating anticipation, desire, and a thirst for value. 

Imagine a post like, “Want our brand new ‘livestream formula’? Drop a comment!” We’re not asking them to work with us… yet. It’s softer, yet super effective. 

To give you an idea of how effective they are—one of our Indirect Honey Pot posts got over 1,200 comments. 

That’s over 1,200 potential conversations; over 1,200 leads… from just one post! Not too shabby, right?

#6. Email and Text Message Marketing

Here’s where we push the boundaries. 

Beyond our Facebook group, we amplify our content’s reach. Sending our top-performing pieces via email and text. 

And the real magic? If it’s gold, it’s added to an evergreen follow-up sequence. So, every new lead gets a taste. 

And guess what? When they bite and respond, that’s another conversation, another potential client.

#7. Welcome Posts

Everyone loves a warm welcome. But ours comes with a twist—a case study video link. Not only does it help new members get a feel for our ethos, but it’s also a golden ticket. 

Each month, that link alone encourages 10-15 individuals to start a conversation about working with us.

#8. Client Interviews

Success stories? We’ve got them. But instead of just bragging, we share them. 

Inside our Facebook group, we conduct interviews with our clients. It’s the ripple effect—inspiring others and, more often than not, opening the doors for another messenger conversation with intrigued members.

#9. Value Posts

Ever come across content that just hits differently? That’s our goal. 

We write content to not just inform but to shift beliefs. 

Reusable, evergreen, and strategic, our content is more than just posts—it’s part of our overarching client acquisition plan. And often, it’s that same content that kickstarts conversations with potential clients, hungry for more.

#10. Promo Cycles

Remember the buzz around Black Friday sales? The excitement, the countdown, the reveals? 

Our Promo Cycles are just that—an exciting roller-coaster ride that leads to an offer you can’t refuse.

Now, let’s pause a moment…

Imagine you’re in a bustling cafe. Two tables over, a conversation catches your ear. You’re not eavesdropping (well, maybe a little), but there’s something about the way they talk. They’re animated, engaged, and there’s an energy you just can’t ignore.

That’s our group. Every day.

But here’s the thing: Anyone can create a Facebook group. But turning it into a thriving, client-attracting community? That takes strategy and consistency…

So… I challenge you. Take a look at your group. Is it a bustling cafe or a silent library? And if you felt a little nudge reading this, maybe… just maybe… it’s time for you to book that 15 minutes with us?

See you in the group. 😉