If you’ve been part of our Facebook family for a while, you’re probably already hooked on our live client interviews.

If you’re new to the tribe or just passing through, let me paint a picture for you:

Every week, like clockwork, our very own Matthew Shetler fires up the live feed and settles into a virtual fireside chat with some truly remarkable folks. 

These are our clients, who are not just successful, but have also transformed their businesses and their lives.

They dive deep, unpacking their journeys, their strategies, their highs, and their lows. And as they share, we all learn and grow together.

But here’s where it gets really interesting.

Just when you think the conversation’s winding down, Matthew throws in a curveball. He asks each guest to share one nugget of wisdom—the kind of advice that’s been their guiding star. 

The responses? Pure gold!

Every single week, we are treated to nuggets of wisdom so profound and so genuine, they strike a chord in all of us.

Then it hit us… wouldn’t it be downright selfish to keep all this wisdom to ourselves?

That, my friend, is why we’ve decided to compile all this wisdom in one place.

So, whether you’re part of our community, a first-time visitor, or just someone on the hunt for some serious inspiration, these words have the power to ignite change. These are the raw, real, and invaluable insights that you can apply, no matter where you’re at in your journey.

Are you excited yet? Because you should be! 

We’ve put together 15 powerful life lessons from some of our most successful coaches, all packed into this article. 

So, are you ready to get your mind blown?

Let’s get started!

Magie Cook on Rediscoveries

“Don’t be afraid of rediscoveries. Life is in different stages for us. If you don’t open yourself to self-investments and growth and rediscovery, you sort of begin to die.”

Why Magie Cook is Worth Your Attention

Starting from an orphanage in Mexico, Magie Cook discovered her passion was in motivating others through speaking and coaching. Wanting to monetize her passion, she found herself at a bit of a crossroads. That’s when she teamed up with Clients & Community (C&C), to help navigate her way. 

The result? A whopping $30,000 in just three weeks and over $550,000 in new revenue, with 151 new folks joining her coaching program. 

So yeah, Magie’s story is proof that with the right guidance and a dash of determination, you can truly turn your passion into a thriving business.

🌟Curious about Magie’s story? Check out her full case study for a deep dive into her journey.🌟

Jenne Todd on Commitment and Mentorship

“Get a lot of mentorship. Follow those proven methods instead of flailing around trying to find a solution. Go all in, read a hundred books on a topic, not just one. Don’t assume mastery with mere dabbling. Full immersion and continuous learning, that’s my advice.”

Why Jenne Todd is Worth Your Attention

Jenne Todd’s entrepreneurial journey from an overwhelmed coach to a thriving business leader is nothing short of inspiring. With our guidance, she transformed her business, automating her processes, and expanding her reach without losing quality. 

Her dedication resulted in a whopping $20,000 from her first promotional cycle. 

Jenne’s story serves as a vivid example of what entrepreneurs can achieve with continuous learning, commitment, and the right strategic support.

🌟Curious about Jenne’s story? Check out her full case study for a deep dive into her journey.🌟

Eric MacDougall on Making an Impact

“Get clear on the person you’re serving. Focus on them and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Allow yourself to step into your power and serve others. Don’t undervalue the impact that you can have on another person’s life.”

Why Eric MacDougall is Worth Your Attention

Eric MacDougall’s story is a testament to the power of focused commitment and the application of the right strategies. 

Starting with a passion to help men revive their relationships, Eric partnered with C&C to streamline his approach and simplify his business model. He pivoted from a duct-taped, piecemeal strategy to a cohesive, efficient one that not only helped him support his family, but also scale his business to an impressive $25,000 per month minimum. 

In just the first four months of 2023, Eric generated over $100,000 in revenue; compared to making  $4,000 in the same timeframe in 2022. 

If you’re looking for proof that dedication, strategy, and a human touch can transform your passion into a thriving business, look no further than Eric MacDougall’s journey.

🌟Want to know more about Eric’s journey? Take a look at his full case study for a more detailed view of his inspiring story.🌟

Blake Arnold on Authenticity and Persistence

“First, never give up on yourself. You should be your number one cheerleader. Second, get laser-focused on something that’s going to produce results, let everything else be peripheral. Third, when you take risks, be genuine. Don’t try to be something other than who you are because people can see it, feel it, and detect it.”

Why Blake Arnold is Worth Your Attention

Blake Arnold’s journey from an IT professional to a thriving real estate investment coach is as inspiring as they come. 

Despite initial setbacks, including a rocky start in real estate leading to substantial financial losses, he joined our Prominence Partnership Program.

With C&C, Blake figured out how to run his coaching business better. He created his ‘three Cs’ program and in just three days, he attracted 36 potential clients from his tiny group of 73 members.

In a short time, Blake made $128,000 in coaching revenue. And he’s now aiming for a monthly income of $100,000 and more. 

His story is a great example of how passion, dedication, and the right help from C&C can turn into a profitable journey.

🌟Want to know more about Blake’s journey? Check out his full case study and get ready to be inspired!🌟

Katrina Stead on Getting Started

 “Once you taste freedom, you can never go back. Life is about showing up and just getting started. Just start, honestly, that’s how we did it with our business and coaching.”

Michael Stead on Business Challenges

“Running a business is never smooth sailing. But as you develop the skills and the knowledge, it gets easier over time. I would just say, choose your hard.”

Why Michael and Katrina Stead Are Worth Your Attention

After facing a major setback with a failed business venture, Katrina and Michael Stead were left scrambling to regain their footing. That’s when they discovered the power of short-term rentals and the impact they could make. Yet, they found themselves at the mercy of an affiliate partnership for leads, which left them feeling uneasy. That’s when they turned to Clients & Community for help. 

With the right strategies and support from C&C, they were able to take charge of their marketing, revive a dead Facebook group, and create a steady stream of income through their coaching and training business. 

Today, their story serves as an inspirational reminder that even when you fall, you can rise stronger, all you need to do is to take that first step!

🌟 Want to know more about the Steads’ incredible journey? Check out their full case study for all the ins and outs of their story.🌟

Matt Van Der Laar on Self-Reliance

“Nobody’s coming to save you. You’ve got to do it for yourself. I started to realize that I had to do it for myself and because of me and nobody else.”

Why Matt Van Der Laar is Worth Your Attention

Matt Van Der Laar, a passionate online health and fitness coach, was facing a decline in leads and a dwindling TikTok presence. But instead of panicking, he took action. 

Enrolling in C&C’s Prominence Partnership Program, Matt absorbed the training like a sponge and adapted to his new reality. He rejuvenated his Facebook group, drawing in 2,500 new members in just a few months, and 5X’ed his investment by making $30,000 in the first month. 

Matt’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, self-reliance, and a great partnership with C&C. He’s living proof that with the right guidance and some bold action, you can not only save your business but also take it to new heights.

🌟Want to know more about Matt’s journey? Take a look at his full case study for a more detailed view of his inspiring story.🌟

Abigail Moss on Non-Negotiability

“Getting to where I’m meant to be has always been a non-negotiable. It’s everything to me. It’s important to not give up on yourself and to keep going after what you’re striving towards.”

Why Abigail Moss is Worth Your Attention

Abigail Moss was on the brink of giving up her practice as a shaman healer, despite her unique healing methods and dedicated client base. Her marketing strategies were scattered, client acquisition was inconsistent, and the business highs and lows were becoming unbearable. 

That’s when she decided to team up with Clients & Community (C&C). She sought more structure, a reliable marketing approach, and an increase in confidence to truly value her offerings. 

And guess what? She got all that, and more! 

Abigail gained the confidence and clarity to refine her marketing, resulting in an astounding $54,000 in a single promo cycle! Her community grew, and her client engagement soared. 

Her story teaches us that with a solid marketing strategy and an understanding of your audience, the sky’s the limit!

🌟For more on Abigail’s transformational journey, check out her full case study to see how she turned challenges into triumphs. You don’t want to miss it!🌟

Joe Sebestyen on Betting on Yourself

“Bet on yourself because no one else is going to bet on you if you don’t bet on yourself. Embrace the unknown, embrace the growth, and just bet on yourself.”

Why Joe Sebestyen is Worth Your Attention

Joseph Sebestyen started off as an educator with a passion for helping student-athletes ace their AP history exams. But, his vision to run his own online tutoring business, Athletes in AP History, was hindered by difficulties in client acquisition and revenue generation. That’s when he connected with Clients & Community (C&C). 

With our guidance and the Prominence Partnership Program, Joe successfully transitioned from public education to owning a lucrative test prep business. He now has a highly-targeted, niche audience for his test prep services and a profitable, top-quality coaching program. 

In just four months, he generated over $83,000, with his best month bringing in over $35,000 in revenue. Thanks to the program, Joe not only found professional success but also greater personal freedom, allowing him more time with his loved ones. 

His journey shows the magic that can happen when you bet on yourself, and have a powerful ally by your side.

🌟Interested in Joe’s transformation? Dive deeper into his journey in his full case study.🌟

Hal Fischer on Action

“Action over everything. Massive imperfect action. Stop thinking that you’ll need to learn everything in a course before you put it into action.”

Why Hal Fischer is Worth Your Attention

Hal Fischer, a serial entrepreneur, military veteran, and digital marketing expert, faced a challenge many of us can relate to: how to grow and optimize his Facebook incubator group. 

Knowing that potential was ripe, Hal reached out to us, hoping to systematize and streamline his efforts. And the results speak for themselves… 

Hal generated a whopping $140,000 in new revenue and 34 new students enrolled in the first cohort following the new strategies implemented. 

But that’s not all—his students managed to generate $825,000 in sales within just seven weeks. 

Thanks to Hal’s passion, he managed to not only skyrocket his own earnings but also create immense success for his students.

Hal’s story beautifully highlights that with the right resources, relentless action, and a bit of guidance, you can turn your vision into a tangible reality.

🌟Want to learn more about Hal’s journey? Dive into his full case study to uncover how he leveraged the power of community and strategy to drive success.🌟

Dr. Reina Olivera on Communication

“At the end of the day, if you’re not making sales, you’re really just not talking to people. Don’t be afraid to actually connect with your audience and your potential clients.”

Why Dr. Reina Olivera is Worth Your Attention

From stagnant growth to record-breaking revenue, Dr. Reina Olivera’s journey is the perfect example of resilience and smart strategy. 

Stuck in a rut despite numerous coaching and marketing programs, she teamed up with Clients & Community. Here, she found alignment with her values and a strategy that actually worked. 

Staying true to herself and consistently applying what she learned in the C&C program, she generated a staggering $65,000 in total revenue. Her highest month alone brought in $35,000 from organic reach without ads. 

The cherry on top? 

She achieved this while helping other occupational therapists create and market their courses, truly making a difference in her profession. 

If you’re looking for a story of authenticity, effective marketing, and meaningful success, Dr. Reina Olivera is the one to watch.

🌟Want to dive deeper into Dr. Reina’s journey and her incredible results? Make sure to check out her full case study.🌟

Teresa Kaplan on Embracing Change and Growth

“It’s easy to resist new challenges or tools, such as Facebook ads, especially when they seem daunting. But with the right support, you can transform your resistance into enthusiasm. So if you feel resistant to things, remember, it can change really fast.”

Why Teresa Kaplan is Worth Your Attention

Teresa Kaplan, a psychotherapist turned healer, is a masterclass in resilience and adaptability. 

Despite lacking the finances to launch her dream certification program, she partnered with us and defied expectations. Leveraging C&C’s resources, she refined her interim program, masterfully engaging her niche Facebook group. 

Her dedication and tactical approach resulted in an astonishing $18,000 in new revenue from just 14 members! 

This success not only funded her dream program but also reaffirmed the potential in all of us to rise above challenges and attain our goals. 

🌟Intrigued by Teresa’s inspiring journey? Stay tuned for a deep dive into her story!🌟

Christina Beckford on the Importance of Trials and Tribulations

“An epic life story is incomplete without trials and tribulations. Each accomplishment and failure is a step on your journey. Don’t be too critical of yourself. Instead, take risks, learn from each experience, and remember that tribulations are a part of an epic life.”

Why Christina Beckford is Worth Your Attention

Christina Beckford is an army veteran turned software engineer who took the tech world by storm. Initially, Christina was offering her hard-earned knowledge to her Facebook community for free, struggling with structuring her business model. But that’s when C&C came into the picture. 

With our Prominence Partnership Program, Christina successfully shifted her mindset to charge for her expertise. 

The result? 

In just a few months, she celebrated her first $30K month, amplified her total revenue to a striking $114,000, and nurtured her Facebook group to a community of 2,226 ambitious members. 

Now, she doesn’t just teach coding – she’s rewriting the rules of how software development is taught. So, if you’re looking for a touch of inspiration, Christina’s journey is a must-see.

🌟Want to deep dive into Christina’s journey? Check out her full case study and get ready to be inspired.🌟

Andrea Engstrom on Confronting Negative Self-Talk

“Head trash, as I call it, is when our mind starts telling us lies about what we’re capable of. It’s important to recognize these thoughts and transform them into affirmations of our true potential. Remember, we get to decide who we are going to be every single day. Change those lies into affirmations and consciously strive towards who you want to become.”

Why Andrea Engstrom is Worth Your Attention

Andrea Engstrom, once a successful business coach and real estate investor, found her potential being boxed in by her income ceiling and a narrow client base. With a firm belief in her abilities, she sought the expertise of Clients & Community. 

Andrea didn’t just learn – she applied, grew, and thrived. 

Within a mere six weeks of her first workshop, she generated a jaw-dropping $63,000 in sales! 

And remember the Facebook group she couldn’t sell a ticket to? It exploded to a robust community of 550 members in just a month – all without spending a penny on ads! 

Andrea’s story shines as a testament to the power of persistence, strategic thinking, and the right guidance.

🌟Dive deeper into Andrea’s journey by checking out her full case study. Prepare to be inspired! 🌟

Brandon Foster on Personal Accountability and Power

“The life you have is the life you’re willing to accept. I learned this by overcoming a victim mentality and realizing my power of free will and choice. Your external world is a reflection of your internal beliefs about yourself and your capabilities. Decide to take control of your life and believe in your worth and potential. If you’re not willing to accept your current situation anymore, make the decision to change it.”

Why Brandon Foster is Worth Your Attention

Before Brandon Foster hooked up with C&C, his coaching business was bringing in an average of just $3,000 per month. And this, despite his unique approach that blended storytelling and emotional connection, honed from his time as a circus clown and his master’s degree in screenwriting. 

But once he got on board with our Prominence Partnership Program, things really took off. His average monthly revenue quintupled to $15,000, with some months even soaring to $60,000. And he managed all this while maintaining his deep commitment to client satisfaction and personal fulfillment. 

Brandon not only found the keys to unlocking his business potential but also stayed true to his unique coaching style.

🌟Want to know more about Brandon’s amazing journey? Head over to his full case study for the complete scoop!🌟

Final Thoughts

These are more than just words. They are lifelines, mantras, and guiding stars. But remember, as much as we hope you are inspired by them, the real magic happens when you apply them.

So go on, absorb this wisdom, let it seep into your being, and then step out into the world, ready to make a difference. Trust me, you’ve got this!

Remember, the path to success is always under construction. It’s not about perfection but persistence.

It’s not about knowing everything but being open to learning and growing. It’s about you, doing what you love, and doing it with all your heart. 

So take these words of wisdom, and make your path, one step at a time.

We’re here, cheering you on, every step of the way.

Keep shining, keep growing, and keep making a difference!

We can’t wait to see where your journey takes you.

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