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About Abigail Moss

Abigail Moss is a shaman healer who helps people let go of trauma and find inner peace and purpose.

With her unique method called Medicine Within, she combines shamanic healing, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, life coaching, yoga, and Qigong to empower her clients in their journey of healing and self-discovery.


Abigail faced numerous challenges in her shaman healing practice, such as inconsistent client acquisition and unstable business highs and lows.

Although she received referrals and appeared on podcasts, her marketing efforts were scattered and she lacked a clear strategy to attract and retain clients. This inconsistency and lack of structure made her consider giving up on her practice.


  • Transition from inconsistent marketing to a more structured and reliable approach
  • Increase confidence in providing value to clients


  • Gained clarity on a repeatable and effective marketing system
  • Increased engagement within the Facebook group
  • Generated $54,000 from a promo cycle using the learned strategies


Abigail Moss decided to join Clients & Community to improve her marketing strategy and gain more confidence in her launches.

She started implementing the techniques and guidelines provided by the program to consistently show up for her audience. This included creating valuable content, offering weekly live sessions, and engaging with her audience by addressing their needs and concerns.

Abigail actively listened to her audience and adapted her content accordingly, creating a strong connection with her community.


After implementing the strategies learned from Clients & Community, Abigail generated $54,000 in a single promo cycle. Her community grew organically, and she successfully increased engagement within her Facebook group.

Abigail’s new approach has given her the confidence and clarity to continue refining her marketing strategy, leading to more consistent and effective results.

“What makes C&C stand out is that it goes back to the name Clients & Community. Your program is not just something created to sell, but a system that is currently working and evolving in real time, which makes it more valuable and practical for business owners like myself.”

Abigail Moss

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