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About Alyssa Dillon

Alyssa Dillon, originally from an accounting background, transformed her expertise into a thriving coaching business. With a unique niche in content marketing, Alyssa assists entrepreneurs in conveying their values and messages effectively. 

Through her Facebook group “Exactly What to Post,” she emphasizes the significance of content, helping businesses grow by enhancing their online presence.


The success Alyssa enjoyed in 2020, especially with over $500k in sales, brought with it the challenges of rapid scaling. By year’s end, she felt the overwhelming weight of burnout, an all-too-familiar tale for many entrepreneurs. 

Struggling with exhaustion, she realized her business model was unsustainable. It not only affected her well-being but also strained her family relationships.


  • Scale the business through effective and targeted strategies
  • Empower the existing team to sell, allowing more time for business development
  • Get clarity on offerings and customer journey
  • Implement effective marketing methods and grow with intention


  • Achieved $28K cash in a 5-6 day launch without personally handling any sales
  • Generated $123,000 in sales within two months through the team’s efforts
  • Built a model for scaling, converting 50% of low-end offer clients into high ticket clients
  • Prepared to grow ad campaigns, scaling from $6K to planned $10K and potentially $20K campaigns


Alyssa Dillon realized that scaling her business required clear strategies and more focused efforts. By working with C&C, she gained insights into what was missing in her approach. She immediately began implementing changes, empowering her existing team to handle sales and setting up commission structures. She also focused on analyzing data to understand what works and what doesn’t in her sales funnels.

A key part of Alyssa’s approach was realizing the importance of clear messaging and focusing on a simple funnel. She started looking at conversion rates, scaling up what worked, and moving away from “throwing spaghetti at the fridge.” Her newfound clarity in the customer journey and attention to data led to the immediate success of her 30-day Money Maker Bootcamp launch and laid the groundwork for future scaling.


The immediate success of empowering her team and focusing on data-driven decisions manifested in impressive sales numbers.

In just a few months, Alyssa’s team closed $123,000 in sales. The launch of the bootcamp not only brought in $28K cash but did so without Alyssa handling any of the selling, a refreshing change that allowed her to focus on other aspects of the business.

Furthermore, Alyssa identified opportunities for growth, planning to expand ad campaigns and continuously analyze the effectiveness of different marketing strategies.

With a clear path ahead, she is confident in becoming a multi-millionaire in her business and continuing her mission-driven approach, such as employing stay-at-home moms.

“Joining C&C’s ‘SCALE Mastermind’ was like finally receiving the keys to the kingdom. Everything became clearer, and with the strategies I’ve implemented, I now see the path to becoming a multi-millionaire clearer than ever”

Alyssa Dillon

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