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About Andrea Engstrom

Andrea Engstrom is a certified business coach with a decade of experience. Having started her career at Action Coach Business Coaching, under the mentorship of her father, she later transitioned into real estate investing and coaching. She has a diverse background, including creating group programs, leading a branding agency, and successfully handling business development and marketing roles. 

Today, Andrea is passionate about helping other people succeed, especially entrepreneurs and real estate investors.


Despite her successful career, Andrea faced a significant challenge. While working as a coach and real estate investor, she found that her potential was being limited by her income and her inability to help people beyond the real estate investing community. She decided it was time for change. 

A crucial part of Andrea’s journey was to become a more influential speaker and build her own business. She decided to launch her own workshop, but faced difficulties when she only sold one ticket to her program after promoting it to her 5000 Facebook friends. 

Andrea realized she needed a different approach to engage her audience and sell her program.


  • Launch her coaching program.
  • Build and grow her business by attracting and engaging potential clients.
  • Create a consistent stream of clients and revenue


  • Generated $63,000 in sales within six weeks.
  • Booked 14 strategy calls from her second workshop with just 35 attendees.
  • Gained an additional 16 people through her promotional cycle.
  • Grew her Facebook group to 550 members within four weeks without the use of Facebook ads.


Andrea demonstrated a proactive approach by implementing the strategies taught by Clients & Community. 

She was eager to learn and quickly applied the strategies to launch her Facebook group and start a promo cycle. 

She held workshops, offered strategy sessions, and used her group as a platform to regularly engage her audience through live sessions and strategically crafted content. 

Andrea was also dedicated to ensuring that the content and the activities in her group were in line with her branding strategy, focusing on themes of boldness and bravery.


Andrea’s proactive approach and the strategic use of Clients & Community’s tools yielded impressive results in a relatively short span. Within just six weeks of her first workshop, she generated $63,000 in sales, a testament to the effectiveness of the strategy session process and the promo cycle she had implemented.

Her Facebook group, launched using the strategies she learned, also witnessed rapid growth. In just four weeks, the group membership surged to 550, with about 10 new members joining daily. Even more noteworthy was that she achieved this growth organically, without resorting to paid advertising.

Andrea’s approach to nurturing her group led to a consistent stream of potential clients, many of whom were her ideal clients, as identified through the group membership questions. This not only gave her a ready audience for her content but also provided her with a pool of potential clients for her services.

Andrea’s results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of her approach and the strategies taught by Clients & Community. Not only was she able to generate significant revenue, but she also created a thriving community around her brand.

“I’m actually getting kind of emotional. I might cry. I’m just so grateful that I trusted in you guys, that I actually stepped outside of my comfort zone, stopped doing what I used to do, and just trusted you guys and just kind of followed whatever you were doing.”“Working with Clients & Community has been an incredible journey! You guys have shown me how to step forward, to take bold action, and to connect with my ideal clients in a really powerful way. Now, I know where my next clients are coming from. It’s a game changer!”

Andrea Engstrom

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