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About Arin Lindauer

Arin Lindauer is a fitness expert and entrepreneur with a degree in Exercise Science. She co-owned a brick-and-mortar gym for 15 years with her husband before transitioning to online coaching.

Arin specializes in helping professional women lose weight, gain confidence, and achieve their fitness goals with ease. Her passion lies in empowering women to overcome their struggles and create sustainable, healthy lifestyles.


Arin faced numerous challenges in her fitness business, including an inconsistent income, a lack of control over her time, and difficulties in effectively monetizing her online presence.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced her to reconsider her business model and evaluate the potential of online coaching.

As she transitioned online, Arin struggled to find a consistent and authentic way to connect with clients and grow her business. Despite investing in various coaching programs and trying multiple strategies, she found it difficult to gain traction and generate consistent revenue.

In her efforts to establish a successful online presence, Arin created a private Facebook group and hired an ads manager to attract members.

However, after spending $1,500 a month on ads and management fees, she still failed to generate any income from her 1,200-member group. Her content, which consisted mainly of recipes and other goodwill offerings, lacked the intention and strategy needed to encourage members to engage with her services.


  • To revive and monetize a dead Facebook group and grow a sustainable online business that generates income and helps women achieve their health and weight loss goals.


  • Generated $17,000 in a promo cycle, revived and grew the Facebook group, and built a scalable business model. In just 90 days, Arin made an impressive $44,000 from her group.


Arin joined Clients & Community’s Prominence Partnership Program to enhance her business coaching skills and implement effective strategies to grow her fitness coaching business.

The program provided templates and guidance on creating valuable content for her Facebook group and live streams. She was assigned an accountability coach, Samantha, who ensured that she implemented the strategies taught in the program and provided support whenever needed.

As part of the program, Arin also participated in weekly webinars and mastermind sessions with other business owners, which allowed her to network and share insights with like-minded individuals.

These sessions were instrumental in helping her refine her business model, identify key growth areas, and set achievable short and long-term goals.


After implementing the strategies learned from Client & Community’s program, Arin generated $17,000 in a single promo cycle. Within 90 days, Arin was able to generate a total of $44,000 from her group, showcasing the power of the strategies and techniques she learned.

She grew her Facebook group to over 1,300 members and managed to monetize the group effectively. Her online business is now scalable, and she has set ambitious goals for growth, aiming to generate $1 million in revenue by the end of 2023. 

“Nobody does it full circle, at least from what I’ve experienced. And I’ve been in a lot of different masterminds, a lot of different programs, and this was the first time I genuinely was like, man, these guys get it and they do.”

Arin Lindauer

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