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About Arvin Anderson

Business coach, Arvin Anderson has a story that resonates with resilience and determination. Having played a substantial role in crafting the curriculum for online business coaching, Anderson took his expertise to the next level. Embracing a new era of digital marketing, he’s a testament to how dedication combined with the right strategy can lead to monumental success.

With a unique perspective and a dedication to modern strategies, Arvin tapped into the power of Facebook groups to not only share his voice and message but to monetize it successfully.


While Arvin had experience and expertise from his time working with Tony Robbins, venturing out on his own posed its unique set of challenges. Building an online business from scratch required more than just knowledge; it needed an actionable strategy and the right community. Finding a method to capture and maintain the attention of potential clients in an ever-evolving digital world was the hurdle he needed to overcome.


  • Transition from being a lead trainer to starting his own coaching program.
  • Realize the potential of his entrepreneurial spirit and not build someone else’s empire.
  • Achieve rapid growth by implementing new strategies.
  • Break the myth that huge groups are needed for substantial numbers and prove success with a small group.
  • Reach a specific revenue target for the year, reflecting Arvin’s long-term vision.


  • Successfully launched a Facebook group and an offer, achieving $76,000 in three weeks.
  • Engaged 130 people in the group, resulting in 32 responses, 28 booking calls, and 15 sales.
  • Achieved a 10 K one-on-one package, selling four in the first month.
  • Met a five-year goal of reaching $100K in the coaching business.
  • Created a transparent and authentic community, with a specific focus on messaging, program creation, and video presence.


Arvin needed a precise strategy, so he reached out to us at Clients & Community (C&C) for guidance. He then initiated a Facebook group even before knowing what his offer would be. Spending six weeks engaging with the community, Arvin was able to narrow down his offering and ensure that it was in line with what his audience genuinely wanted. By crafting authentic messages, sharing expertise in video presence, and being transparent about his journey, he was able to resonate deeply with his audience. This transparent and real approach is what led him to launch a successful program with high engagement.


Starting with zero members in his group, Arvin managed to gather 130 people in his Facebook group in a short time. When he initiated his first promotional cycle, 32 out of these 130 showed interest, and 28 of them booked a sales call. Out of these, 20 were deemed a good fit for the program and, impressively, 15 finalized their purchase. This led to a whopping revenue of $76,000 in just three weeks.

By the end of 2021, Arvin aims to hit a revenue target of $688K, a goal he now feels is realistic and achievable. With his rapid success, he stands as a testament to the fact that with the right strategies and authentic approach, anyone can achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Arvin’s success story underscores the importance of being genuine, and responsive to the community’s needs, and the value of seeking expert guidance when starting from scratch.

“You guys’ at Clients & Community’s success is so current. It’s so like real right now. I like to be in that energy, it’s such a beautiful space to be in with you guys. And I wanted those people to experience that. ’cause I felt like if anybody could make it feel like it was possible for them it was you guys at C&C.”

Arvin Anderson

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