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About Ben Gower

Ben Gower is an accomplished business coach for online personal trainers. Leveraging his expertise in sales and marketing, he has developed a unique approach that helps fitness professionals transition to the digital landscape, especially in the post-Covid era. 

Through his organic content strategies and powerful marketing messaging, he empowers his clients to establish and grow their online fitness businesses.


Despite having a successful coaching methodology that produced positive results for his clients, Ben found himself stuck in a financial rut. His revenue hovered around $25,000 to $30,000 a month for almost a year, primarily from organic traffic. However, he struggled to scale his business and reach a wider audience due to his inability to crack the code of paid marketing.

Ben had previously hired multiple Facebook ads agencies, with dismal results. He saw others in his space achieving significantly higher revenue and knew he was delivering superior services to his clients. His inability to get his message in front of a broader audience, coupled with the frustration of seeing others succeed where he was failing, posed a significant challenge.


  • Scale his business while maintaining service quality
  • Develop a robust lead generation system
  • Increase monthly revenue to hit six-figure targets


  • Achieved back-to-back $50,000 months within the first two months
  • Generated a record $113,000 in one month
  • Increased Facebook group membership from 600 to 2000, enhancing audience engagement


To grow his business, Ben Gower decided to work with Clients & Community. After experiencing stagnant growth and struggling to identify an effective growth strategy, he decided it was time to leverage Facebook groups and join the Prominence Partnership Program.

Upon joining the program, Ben rapidly implemented the strategies and methodologies shared during the program. He started by launching a Facebook group and running Facebook ads, which helped him attract potential clients to his group. By investing in ads, Ben managed to significantly increase the number of group members from just over 600 to approximately 2000.

In the group, he utilized the anticipation post and live webinar strategies that he learned from the program. Furthermore, he engaged his audience through regular content posts that were specifically tailored to their needs and interests. For example, he posted a ‘honeypot’ that received an overwhelming response of 361 comments, generating leads for his business.

To ensure he was prepared for his business growth, Ben also made a strategic decision to hire a full-time copywriter to ensure that his ad copies would be timely and effective.


In the first two months of implementing the strategies learned from Clients & Community, Ben achieved back-to-back $50,000 months. This revenue was a significant increase from the previous months. 

By the third month, he generated a record $113,000, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategies he learned and implemented.

Not only did he achieve his financial goals, but Ben also succeeded in growing his Facebook group membership from just over 600 to 2000. 

The increase in group membership contributed to increased engagement, which in turn generated more leads for his business.

“You guys are doing something really unique and different… I know that it’s truly inspired. I don’t know how you guys are getting the ideas, and you test different things and it freaking works, man… Like you’re truly creating a new thing that didn’t exist before when I see 95% plus of, different coaches out there just like regurgitating the exact same information… So yeah, I appreciate you guys.”

Ben Gower

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