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About Blake Arnold

Blake Arnold is a seasoned real estate investor who helps others unlock six, seven, and even eight-figure profits through land development opportunities. 

Formerly in the IT world, Blake transitioned to real estate and found his true calling, despite facing numerous challenges and failures. 

With a vibrant personality, Blake quickly became a figure of interest in the real estate development sector, forming a dedicated Facebook group that eventually turned into an opportunity for coaching. 


Like many, Blake had a rocky start in real estate, with initial efforts leading to significant financial losses, totaling over $160,000. 

Despite having a few deals in the pipeline, he struggled to find stable success, leaving his financial stability and future uncertain. His aspiration to coach others in real estate investment was also hindered by the lack of a scalable model. 

These challenges pushed Blake to seek an innovative approach to succeed in real estate investment and turn his small Facebook group into a profitable coaching platform.


  • Build a sustainable and scalable coaching model that can serve more people at a time.
  • Develop a defined offer and value proposition for the coaching program.
  • Create a community that supports growth and success for all involved.


  • Expanded his community, attracting 36 potential clients from his group of 73 members in a short span of three days.
  • Generated $128,000 in coaching revenue since joining the Prominence Partnership Program.
  • Expects future growth with plans to achieve $100,000 per month and potential $70,000-$80,000 promo cycles.


Blake came across Clients & Community and was drawn to our approach to leveraging Facebook to grow businesses.

He enrolled in the Prominence Partnership Program and quickly began to implement the strategies he learned. He focused his efforts on defining his offer and value proposition, something he admits he had struggled with before joining C&C. 

Guided by his C&C Accountability coach, Blake focused on defining who his ideal client was and how he could best serve them. 

He created a three-pronged coaching program which he calls the ‘three Cs’: coursework, coaching, and community. This program was designed to provide the systems, policies, processes, and guidance his clients needed, all within a supportive community. 

Also, he ensured to only invite clients he genuinely wanted into his program, and nobody else.


In a relatively short time, Blake brilliantly transformed his initial small group into a lively and supportive community. Through a staggering 36 potential client interactions in just three days, he managed to convert his group of 73 members into a pool of prospective clients, an accomplishment that is as overwhelming as it is rewarding.

With the relentless focus and resilience he’s exhibited, Blake has generated an impressive revenue of $128,000 since joining the program. But he isn’t stopping there; his vision for future growth is just as ambitious. He anticipates hitting monthly revenues of $100,000 and launching promotions that could generate $70,000-$80,000.

Blake’s story is a powerful demonstration of what is achievable through the Prominence Partnership Program. The substantial increase in community engagement, impressive revenue growth, and the potential for even greater future success showcase the value of commitment and the transformative power of targeted coaching programs. 

“I think this (Prominence) is for all entrepreneurs, they need this. They need to learn how to focus, do not shotgun approach everything. I’m so thankful that C&C had the training that showed me how to focus on who is my buying center. So I’m like putting in all the effort to try and get all the underpinnings, through the things that Clients & Community is teaching me. And next quarter, I fully expect that I’ll be doing $100,000 months.”

Blake Arnold

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