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About Brandon Foster

Brandon Foster is a business mindset coach who helps entrepreneurs and business owners elevate their confidence and co-creative relationships with the divine. 

By overcoming overwhelm, procrastination, and fear, his clients are empowered to take their businesses to the next level. 

With a unique background as a former Ringling Brothers circus clown and a master’s degree in screenwriting, Brandon combines storytelling and emotional connection to make an impact in the lives of his clients. 


Before discovering Clients and Community (C&C), Brandon was struggling to grow his coaching business beyond an average of $3,000 per month. 

He knew he had the skills and potential to achieve more, but he needed guidance on practical aspects of business development. 

As an avid fan of Facebook groups and live streams, Brandon sought a program that would allow him to harness these platforms’ power to elevate his business. 

That’s when he found C&C, with its promise of a $30,000 guarantee and comprehensive training on using Facebook groups for business growth.


  • Brandon aimed to grow his coaching business and increase revenue while maintaining client satisfaction and personal fulfillment.


  • Brandon increased his monthly revenue from $3,000 to an average of $15,000, reaching $60,000 in four months so far.


Brandon Foster joined Clients & Community’s Prominence Partnership Program to enhance his business coaching skills and implement effective strategies to grow his business. 

The program provided him with templates and guidance on creating valuable content for his Facebook group and live streams. 

Brandon was assigned an accountability coach, Samantha, to ensure he was implementing the strategies taught in the program and to provide support whenever needed.

As part of the Prominence Partnership Program, Brandon also took part in weekly webinars and mastermind sessions with other business owners, which allowed him to network and share insights with like-minded individuals. These sessions were instrumental in helping him refine his business model, identify key growth areas, and set achievable short and long-term goals.


In just four months, Brandon saw his monthly revenue increase from $3,000 to an average of $15,000, with some months peaking at over $60,000. 

He successfully created a new offer while going through the program and achieved a 100% close rate. He has since moved on to the Scale Mastermind to further grow his business and delegate tasks to a team, ultimately getting more time back for himself.

“Working with Clients & Community, I went from $3,000 a month to over $60,000 in just four months, averaging about $15,000 a month. It’s been life-changing, and I’m excited to keep growing and scaling my business with their help.”

Brandon Foster

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