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About Brandon Olson

Brandon Olson is the founder of RankDaddy, a coaching program that has been helping agency owners scale their businesses for over five years.

He started RankDaddy after recognizing the flaws in other business models and decided to create a coaching program focused on helping small business owners, like roofers and plumbers, grow their revenue through Google and SEO.


Despite having a successful coaching business, Brandon was stuck at earning $50K a month for two years.

He tried multiple coaching programs and invested over $70,000 in courses, but still felt that there were missing pieces in the puzzle.

Frustrated by his inability to grow, Brandon sought a program that would align with his goals and personality, allowing him to achieve time, spatial, and financial freedom.


  • Achieve freedom of time, spatial freedom, and financial freedom
  • Grow the business while focusing on family and minimizing work hours


  • Increased monthly revenue from $50,000 to $200,000-$300,000
  • More than doubled conversion rates on phone calls from 30% to 70%
  • Generated over $1M in new revenue


Brandon Olson joined Clients & Community’s program, where he learned how to revive and grow his dormant Facebook group.

He implemented strategies to optimize the group’s layout, settings, and content, leading to increased engagement and attracting targeted buyers.

Brandon also applied the program’s methods for engaging with members through messenger conversations, which resulted in numerous deals.


By applying the strategies taught by Clients & Community, Brandon was able to more than double his conversion rates on phone calls and dramatically increase his monthly revenue.

He now works only 15-20 hours a week in his entire business and is on track to achieve $2 million in revenue this year.

“Nothing’s left to chance. It’s probably the overarching theme of what I found with you guys’ training, both the lower end and the higher ends.”

Brandon Olson

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