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About Christian Peter

Christian Peter is a successful entrepreneur with a background in commercial real estate. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, he has amassed extensive knowledge in both residential and commercial properties. 

Christian decided to transition into coaching, where he now strives to help agents achieve their goals in selling and leasing commercial properties the right way.

As a commercial real estate coach, Christian specializes in helping residential and commercial agents grow their businesses. He focuses on teaching strategies to acquire new clients daily, earn more listings, and close more transactions. 


Christian found himself stuck at $3,000 per month in his coaching business. He struggled to generate consistent lead flow and convert prospects into paying clients. 

One of his main challenges was getting Facebook ads to work effectively. Additionally, many potential clients wanted and needed his coaching services but simply couldn’t afford the upfront cost.

To overcome these challenges, Christian needed to find solutions that would improve lead flow, increase conversions, and make his coaching services more accessible to those who needed them. 


  • Christian Peter aimed to increase his revenue to $25,000-$30,000 per month and continue to grow and make an impact in his field.


  • Christian not only exceeded his initial goal of making $25,000 within 30 days but also managed to generate an impressive $300,000 in revenue within just 7 months by leveraging the power of his Facebook group.


Christian Peter joined the Prominence Partnership Program and later the Scale Mastermind to learn the strategies and tools necessary for growing his business. He closely followed the comprehensive modules in the program, learning how to be systematic and focused on improving one variable at a time in his advertising efforts.


Through his unwavering commitment to learning and implementing the strategies taught in the Prominence Partnership Program and Scale Mastermind, Christian Peter has experienced tremendous growth in his coaching business. 

Previously stuck at $3,000 per month, he has now skyrocketed his revenue to over $300,000 in less than 7 months using his Facebook group. This incredible success has empowered him to expand his business and make a more substantial impact in his industry.

“Guys, Prominence is so powerful… I dug deep, deep, deep into the modules, there’s so much information there. Everything you need to be successful at ads is in Prom already, right there.”

Christian Peter.

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