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About Christina Beckford

Christina Beckford is a former Army Veteran who transitioned into a successful career as a software engineer. Struggling initially with unemployment and financial difficulties, her breakthrough came when she learned that software development is a skill-based field, not just reliant on formal education.

Christina’s journey inspired her to help others on similar paths. She started a Facebook group, ‘Software Engineers Pros for Transitioning Professionals’, to offer guidance and training for those seeking a career in software engineering.

To make a bigger impact, she established the ‘Software Engineers Pros Program’. This initiative aims to change how software development is taught and help professionals transition into the field more smoothly and effectively.


Despite Christina’s skills and passion for coaching, she struggled with her business model. She offered her wisdom for free in various online tech communities, hesitant to charge for her insights. 

Her Facebook group, which she started before joining Clients & Community (C&C), was growing but lacked structure and wasn’t generating income. 

Christina also had trouble with her messaging, finding that she was blending into the crowd and not attracting the right audience. Her client avatar needed fine-tuning to attract transitioning professionals from the corporate sector who could afford and find value in her offerings. 

With these challenges in mind, Christina sought the guidance of C&C to optimize her Facebook group and increase her income.


  • Shift mindset towards charging higher prices for coaching
  • Utilize the Prominence Partnership Program to structure and enhance her Facebook group for client acquisition
  • Increase her monthly income
  • Build a curriculum that can justify higher charges


  • Achieved her first $30K month within 60 to 90 days of joining the Prominence Partnership Program
  • Generated $114,000 in total new revenue in a few months
  • Started charging higher prices for her coaching, up to $10K and $20K
  • Increased her Facebook group’s membership from 800 to 2,226 members
  • Built a comprehensive curriculum that allowed her to charge from $2000 to $8,800 for her program


Christina had initially started a Facebook group, which had some members but lacked structure and qualified leads. After joining the Prominence Partnership Program, she implemented a more organized approach, leading to significant growth in membership and income.

To attract new members, Christina was proactive in participating in other IT Facebook groups, answering questions, and inviting people to her group. She also leveraged other social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn to promote her Facebook group.

One significant change was the shift in her messaging. Initially, her messages mirrored those of colleges and boot camps, which did not bring in clients. She then worked on her avatar, focusing on attracting transitioning professionals from corporate America.

Inside her Facebook group, Christina experimented with her content strategy. Initially, she focused on providing facts and tactics, but this approach did not convert people. She then started sharing her personal stories, experiences, and emotions, which resonated more with her audience, leading to increased conversions.


By implementing these strategies, Christina experienced substantial growth in her Facebook group membership and income. 

In just 60 to 90 days of joining the Prominence Partnership Program, she hit her first $30K month. Her personal profile followers also increased from 300 to over 1600 within eight months, all organically.

Moreover, her offer evolved significantly. From offering simple services like resume revamping, she developed a comprehensive curriculum to teach full-stack coding. This allowed her to increase her charges for the program from $2000 to $8,800.

Christina’s new structure and target audience focus translated into financial success. She was able to generate $114,000 in new revenue within a few months. The significant financial outcome demonstrated the effectiveness of the strategies she implemented from the Prominence Partnership Program.

”You guys challenged me as an individual in my belief system too. Like how bad do I want this? I do wanna thank you guys for that. Thank you guys for having this platform and this program and it changed my life. It really did. So I thank you guys.”

Christina Beckford

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