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About Chris Schroeder

Chris Schroeder is an electronics enthusiast with a knack for online reselling. By 2019, he successfully tallied up sales worth $265,000.

But for go-getters like Chris, there’s always another peak to scale. That’s when Facebook groups caught his eye as a game-changing platform for his coaching dream.


Chris had seen success, but he knew there was more out there. When he looked to Facebook groups to further his coaching business, he was confronted with two main obstacles. He knew there was potential on Facebook but struggled to harness it. His efforts as an affiliate for an electronics reselling course were also failing. The strategies that once worked seemed to have lost their touch – and he needed a new playbook.


  • Successfully transition from selling electronics to high-ticket coaching.
  • Understand and implement the strategies and processes of Clients & Community (C&C).
  • Increase revenue through a higher price point for coaching programs.
  • Utilize Facebook groups effectively for client acquisition and engagement.


  • Achieved $21,034 in revenue in the very first month of implementing C&C.
  • Successfully sold 20 programs at $997 each with no prior sales experience.
  • Grew Facebook group organically to 2,800 people within a year, with an additional 800 members in the first month through advertising.
  • Realized 10x return on investment on ads, spending $2,000 and making $20,000.


Taking the initiative, Chris plunged into the Clients & Community (C&C) framework in July. He didn’t just adopt a strategy; he lived it.

He made his presence felt in other Facebook groups, becoming a beacon of value using the C&C’s promo cycle strategy. Not just content with offering quality, he adjusted his price points to reflect the premium nature of his coaching. Chris honed his customer service, crafting an onboarding process that ensured every client felt valued from the get-go.

Recognizing the power of collective growth, he also pursued collaborations to amplify his reach and impact.


Within the first month, Chris successfully made $21,034 in revenue, spending about $2,800 on ads. The growth of his Facebook group and 10x return on investment on ads were significant milestones. 

Chris’ partnership also led to a $183,000 in revenue and $100,000 in cash acquired from a single promo cycle.

The strategies we provided didn’t only change Chris’ business but had a ripple effect on other areas of his work, including social media marketing and partnership collaborations.

“I’ll be honest, you guys changed my life. It’s absolutely a life-changing thing. And if you guys don’t hire Clients & Community (C&C), I have no idea who else you’re gonna hire because nobody else knows what to do.”

Christopher Schroeder

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