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About Corey Davis and Tuan Nguyen

Corey Davis and Tuan Nguyen are dynamic entrepreneurs and coaches. Their shared vision and passion for growth led them on a mission to scale their business. They initially found themselves caught in the daily grind of content creation with limited returns. 

Despite their determination and hard work, their Facebook group seemed dormant, yielding no revenue. Both were on the verge of shutting it down but chose to hold onto hope. Despite initial setbacks, they remained committed and determined, setting the stage for their eventual massive success.


Despite having a group of passionate followers, Corey and Tuan found themselves stuck in a cycle of low engagement and zero revenue. Their consistent efforts to engage their members, like daily Facebook lives and numerous posts, yielded little to no results. 

The lack of a clear strategy meant they were working hard but not smart, leading to frustration and thoughts of shutting down the group. Their dream of scaling their coaching program seemed distant until they discovered a transformative approach. 


  • Elevate client experience and increase client engagement.
  • Achieve more sustainable growth and scalability in the business.
  • Harness a consistent influx of qualified leads.
  • Boost the overall revenue and exceed previous monthly earnings.


  • Elevated the value and experience for their clients significantly
  • Successful transition to high-ticket items
  • Built a robust client acquisition system
  • Rapid Facebook group growth with upwards of 150-175 people joining in recent weeks
  • Implemented a system that supports scaling, with the goal of reaching $100,000 months


After joining the Clients & Community Program, Corey and Tuan focused on delivering superior value to their clients. With the guidance they received, especially from mentors they sought to improve their client experience significantly. They audited their existing systems and implemented changes based on feedback and recommendations. 

In addition to benefiting from the expert advice, they also modeled the ad strategy taught in the program. This strategy, starting at just five to ten bucks a day, was tweaked and enhanced over time, resulting in an influx of new members to their Facebook group. 

Corey and Tuan also emphasized the importance of loving and trusting the process, not just the results. They ensured they had systems in place that could handle their growth, emphasizing the need for simplicity and efficiency


By following the playbook provided by the Clients & Community Program, Corey and Tuan experienced phenomenal growth. Initially, they struggled with the challenge of having too many leads and not enough bandwidth to follow them all. However, they addressed this by improving their systems and even expanding their team. 

From starting as a two-man show, they grew their team to eight members, ensuring that they could effectively manage the significant increase in members joining their Facebook group. Their hard work and dedication to the process led them to break their monthly revenue records multiple times and set them on a path towards achieving their goal of $100,000 months in their coaching business.

“Working with Clients & Community, it wasn’t just about the results, which have been transformative. It was really the value. You guys are big-time givers. You serve before you try to sell and everything you do is about offering value. I felt like I knew you, that I could trust you. The genuine service and the process you’ve instilled in us, it’s been a game-changer.”

Corey Davis

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