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About Tom and Cyndy Dumire

Tom and Cyndy Dumire are experienced real estate investors with over 38 years in the industry. 

They have mastered the art of buying real estate without using any of their own money, credit, or risk, and have mentored students for over 15 years. 

Their mission is to train others to become successful real estate investors, empowering them to leave their 9-5 jobs behind.


Tom and Cyndy were struggling to transition from in-person events to an online platform for their real estate mentoring business. 

They had a Facebook group with 4,000 members, but it was inactive and filled with the wrong audience. 

They needed to find a way to reinvigorate their Facebook group, attract the right audience, and create a scalable, sustainable business model that didn’t require constant travel and one-on-one coaching


  • Tom and Cyndy aimed to grow their group with their target audience and increase monthly revenue.


  • The couple grew their Facebook group from 30 to 1,900 members and increased monthly revenue to $30K.


Cyndy recognized the need to grow her group and increase her monthly revenue, so she decided to enroll in Clients & Community’s program. The program provided her with detailed guidance on how to create a more engaged and close-knit community, which she believed was crucial to her success.

To achieve this, Cyndy made it a priority to be present in her group every day, actively participating in discussions and offering support to her members. She understood the importance of maintaining a high level of interaction with her members to keep them engaged and motivated. This constant interaction not only helped her build strong relationships with her members but also created a positive and energetic atmosphere within the group.

As part of the program, Cyndy learned various strategies to effectively launch and promote her courses. She diligently followed the advice and techniques provided by the program, which included creating compelling promotional content, setting up the right pricing structure, and leveraging special events and timings to maximize sales.

By implementing these strategies, Cyndy was able to successfully launch multiple courses to her group members, resulting in significant increases in her monthly revenue. Moreover, her clients were more engaged and successful, which further contributed to the growth of her group and her overall business. The step-by-step guidance and support provided by Clients & Community’s program played an essential role in helping Cyndy achieve her goals and transform her business.


After implementing the strategies provided by Clients & Community, Cyndy experienced remarkable growth in both her group size and monthly revenue. Initially starting with just 30 members, Cyndy’s group expanded to an impressive 1,900 members. This increase in membership was accompanied by a significant boost in her monthly revenue, reaching a total of $30,000.

One of the major milestones Cyndy achieved was generating a staggering $36,400 in a single weekend through a successful course launch. By following the guidelines and techniques taught by Clients & Community, she was able to create a highly engaging and interactive group environment, leading to greater success for her clients. As a result, her clients became more engaged and committed to the group, contributing to its overall growth and success.

Now, with the help of the strategies and support from Clients & Community, Cyndy has set her sights on an ambitious goal: reaching a monthly revenue of $100,000. 

By continuing to apply the lessons and principles taught by Clients & Community, Cyndy is well on her way to achieving this milestone and further expanding her thriving online community.

“You guys are the dream mentors for us. I tell you, you’re great!”

Cyndy Dumire

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