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About Dee Ingenito

Dee Ingenito is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Toxic Healing Coach who helps women heal from toxic relationships through divine guidance and spiritual practices. 

After initially struggling to make a consistent income with her business, Dee found the right strategies to transform her coaching practice and achieve remarkable success.


Dee faced numerous challenges in her coaching business, such as generating only $1,000 a month despite having a significant following. Lacking the right strategies, she struggled to convert followers into paying clients. 

Dee’s main offerings were two courses priced at $299 and $597, which were low compared to the value and transformation she provided. 

She believed that people wouldn’t invest in spiritual healing and was hesitant to raise her prices, which left her feeling desperate and frustrated.


  • Dee Ingenito wanted to increase her income from her business, which was only generating around $1,000 per month, and find a more effective strategy to attract clients and grow her business.


  • Dee successfully increased her monthly income to $30,000, experiencing a massive transformation in her business and financial stability.


Dee participated in Clients & Community’s Prominence Partnership Program, which provided her with strategies to create and promote irresistible offers, as well as guidance in setting her prices in alignment with her services’ value. 

She implemented the tactics learned in the program, focusing on high-ticket offers and being more strategic with her online presence. 

Dee also learned to let go of clients who no longer served her and to prioritize her own needs in the business.


After 11 years of month-to-month paycheck-to-paycheck, Dee’s business underwent a significant transformation, as she went from making $1,000 per month to a staggering $30,000 per month. 

She was able to create high-ticket offers that attracted more clients and generated more income. The strategies she implemented allowed her to work more efficiently and effectively, focusing her energy on the right areas of her business.

“I’m actually getting kind of emotional. I might cry. I’m just so grateful that I trusted in you guys, that I actually stepped outside of my comfort zone, stopped doing what I used to do, and just trusted you guys and just kind of followed whatever you were doing.”

Dee Ingenito

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