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About Dr. Michael Wild

Dr. Michael Wild is a certified specialist in Cellular Healing, a cutting-edge approach to health that focuses on transforming your cells to change your life for the better. With his personalized Functional Medicine approach, he identifies and addresses the underlying causes of chronic health symptoms, providing treatment plans to fix the problem for good.


Dr. Wild faced a few financial challenges in his functional medicine practice. To reach more clients, he organized presentations for groups of 100 people at a time. Unfortunately, only a few – around three to five – would become his clients. 

Each presentation cost Dr. Wild $5,000, which was a significant investment. And while he was able to make a positive impact on people’s lives, the financial aspect of this business model was not sustainable. This posed a real challenge for Dr. Wild, as it hindered the growth and stability of his practice.


  • Help save lives while also being financially sustainable and profitable


  • Helped more people and saved more lives
  • Generated $20,000 in 20 days


Dr. Wild took a proactive approach to grow his business by enrolling in Clients & Community’s comprehensive 13-week Prominence Partnership Program. Our program provided him with the tools and knowledge needed to launch and grow a successful client-getting group.

Within just three days of starting the program, Dr. Wild put what he had learned into action, starting a Facebook group and launching his first promo cycle. He offered “honeypots” as a means of attracting potential clients and aimed to generate conversation and engagement with them. 

Dr. Wild’s proactive approach and commitment to continuously improving his methods demonstrate his dedication to growing his business and making a positive impact.


In just 20 days, Dr. Wild generated $20,000 by implementing the strategies he learned from the Prominence Partnership Program. This was a significant increase from his previous monthly average of $5,000 to $10,000. A good number of clients enrolled in different levels of Dr. Wild’s protocols, indicating that the strategies were effective in attracting new clients.

“Working with you guys has been a quantum leap! And I thank you for that, because the more successful I am, the more lives we are helping save.”

Dr. Michael Wild

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