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About Dr. Reina Olivera, DrOT, OTR/L

Dr. Reina Olivera is an occupational therapist turned online educator, teaching other occupational therapy practitioners how to create their own online courses, programs, summits, and conferences. 

With her expertise in the field, Reina helps her peers grow their careers while staying true to their values as healthcare professionals.


Prior to her success, Reina faced stagnant growth in her business. Despite investing in coaching and various marketing programs, she struggled to scale and expand her reach. 

The lack of alignment with her values in the programs she tried also caused her to feel disconnected from her purpose. 


  • Reina’s objectives were to grow her business, help more occupational therapists make courses, and positively impact their profession, all while increasing her revenue


  • Reina significantly increased her revenue and reached more occupational therapists who wanted to create and market their courses


Reina followed the Clients & Community program and consistently implemented the strategies she learned, such as staying consistent with live training, using honey pots to attract potential clients, and running promo cycles. 

She focused on serving her audience, showing up as her authentic self, and being transparent about her journey.


Reina achieved impressive results, with her total revenue amounting to $65,000. This includes her biggest month, which saw her generate $35,000 in revenue from organic reach without ads, as well as additional income from her Facebook group. These achievements highlight the effectiveness of her marketing strategies and the value of her services.

“I’m surprised by the results because I’ve been able to plug and chug and not have to modify anything. It’s been really good to finally sit in a program and be like, all right, I’m just gonna trust the process and follow it to the T…”

Dr. Reina Olivera

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