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About Elliot Phillips

Elliot Phillips is the founder of The Teacher Project, the number one go-to coaching and consulting company in the world for teachers and tutoring business owners who want to grow and scale their businesses online. 

Since 2020, The Teacher Project has helped tutors go from ground zero to enrolling over 2000 students in a matter of months. Their mission is to help educators create more impact, freedom, and wealth, ensuring millions of students receive better education each year.


Elliot Phillips faced a challenge of being stuck at $40K per month in revenue. He was running a one-man show, taking care of marketing, sales, and fulfillment. 

Although he had a Facebook group and was using it to deliver value and engage with his audience, he couldn’t generate enough clientele from it to grow his business. 

Elliot needed a clear path, efficient strategies, and a team to help him scale his online coaching business to the next level.


  • Grow revenue from $40,000 to over $100,000 per month
  • Improve lead acquisition and conversion strategies
  • Build and manage an efficient team


  • 3x revenue within 90 days of joining Clients & Community, reaching $112,000 per month
  • Built a team of 18 members
  • At the time of the interview for this case study, his revenue was at 332k/month, but to date, he’s at $468K per month!


After signing on to Clients & Community’s program in February, Elliot wasted no time in incorporating our strategies into his business model. He began conducting a thorough analysis of his existing content and identified areas where improvements could be made. This involved updating content to reflect current market trends, incorporating data-driven insights, and enhancing the overall quality of his offerings.

Next, Elliot worked on refining his acquisition process, investing time in understanding the customer journey and targeting key demographics. He focused on creating targeted marketing campaigns that engaged potential clients and increased conversion rates, while also implementing a rigorous screening process to attract quality leads. This helped ensure that his marketing efforts yielded the highest possible return on investment.

Another critical aspect of Elliot’s approach was his focus on strategic hiring. Recognizing the value of a talented and motivated team, he prioritized finding candidates with the right skills and experience, as well as those who shared his vision for growth. This included hiring specialists in marketing, sales, and operations who could help streamline processes and contribute to the company’s success.

Lastly, Elliot implemented C&C’s promo cycle, a proven strategy that allowed him to plan, execute, and measure the effectiveness of various promotional efforts. This approach enabled him to identify the most successful tactics and allocate resources accordingly, resulting in a continuous improvement process that maximized lead efficiency.


Within just 90 days, Elliot more than doubled his monthly revenue, taking it from $40,000 to an impressive $112,000. This rapid growth can be attributed to the significant improvements he made to his content, acquisition process, and strategic hiring.

As he continued to follow C&C’s teachings, Elliot’s business experienced sustained growth, ultimately reaching $468,000 in monthly revenue. The key to his success lay in his unwavering commitment to learning and adapting his business model to incorporate C&C’s strategies. He ensured that his marketing and sales processes were seamlessly aligned with these teachings, which allowed him to maximize results and achieve consistent growth.

Lastly, Elliot’s focus on building the right team played a crucial role in his success. By carefully selecting team members who shared his vision and had the skills necessary to drive the business forward, Elliot created an environment in which innovation, collaboration, and ambition thrived. This winning combination enabled his company to reach new heights and surpass even his own expectations.

“Joining Clients & Community has been one of the most valuable decisions I’ve ever made. The promotional cycle alone has helped us generate over a million dollars in revenue. I can’t express enough gratitude for the impact this program has had on my business and the lives of our clients.”

Elliot Phillips

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