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About Eric MacDougall

Eric MacDougall is a Certified Master Coach, specializing in helping successful men who feel more like roommates than lovers with their wives. He focuses on creating thriving connections both in and out of the bedroom, helping men revive their relationships without their wife’s conscious efforts. 

As a husband and father, Eric has personal experience in overcoming relationship challenges and has since dedicated himself to helping others create adventurous and fulfilling home lives.


Initially, Eric struggled to turn his coaching skills into a sustainable business. He had tried various strategies and programs, often attempting to piece together different ideas from multiple sources. This approach left him feeling like his business was held together with duct tape, making it difficult for him to support his family financially. 

Eric needed a clear, focused strategy to turn his passion for helping others into a thriving business.


  • Eric MacDougall aimed to create a sustainable business that would allow him to fully support his family and scale to a level where he could start building a team.


  • Eric increased his monthly revenue from $5,000 to at least $25,000. He has generated over $100,000 in revenue this year alone (April 2023).


Eric made a strategic decision to focus exclusively on the Clients & Community (C&C) program and stopped trying to piece together different strategies from other sources. He worked on simplifying his entire process, which allowed him to dedicate more time and energy to high-quality work and meaningful conversations that would attract clients and foster genuine connections.

To achieve this, Eric shifted his focus to creating valuable content that would showcase his expertise and resonate with his target audience. He began writing in-depth articles, recording informative videos, and crafting engaging social media posts that demonstrated his knowledge and skills. Eric understood that trust is crucial in attracting and retaining clients, so he started sharing value posts that offered helpful insights and actionable advice without expecting anything in return. These posts positioned him as a reliable and knowledgeable professional in his field.

In addition to value posts, Eric started hosting regular live streams on various platforms, where he shared tips, answered questions, and engaged with his audience in real-time. These live sessions allowed him to demonstrate his expertise, connect with potential clients, and create a sense of community. To generate interest and stimulate conversations, Eric began using hand raising posts that encouraged his audience to interact with him and express their interest in learning more about his services or scheduling a discovery call.


Eric’s commitment to the C&C program and his new approach yielded remarkable results. By simplifying his process and focusing on high-impact work, he experienced a significant increase in his revenue, having his first $10,000 month. 

As he continued to build trust and engage with his audience, he reached a point where he consistently made no less than $25,000 per month.

By April 2023, Eric’s total revenue for the year exceeded $100,000 in just those 4 months, which was a stark contrast to the same period in the previous year when he made only $4,000. 

This substantial increase in revenue not only demonstrated the effectiveness of the C&C program but also showcased Eric’s dedication to professional growth and building a thriving business.

By concentrating on high-impact work, building trust with potential clients, and fostering a sense of community, Eric transformed his financial situation and achieved levels of success he had never before experienced. His commitment to the Clients & Community program and his simplified approach led to a consistently high monthly income, allowing him to enjoy the rewards of a prosperous business.

“Through the systems that Clients & Community (C&C) created, it really elevated the value and the impact that I put in the world. It essentially widened my audience so that every single person that came in was getting value. That blasted my confidence through the roof.”

Eric MacDougall

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