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About Evan Flock

Evan Flock, alongside his wife, started a unique garage gym in 2018. Despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, their indoor-outdoor gym model thrived when many fitness centers faced shutdowns. 

Pivoting from a dislike for online training, Evan found his niche in guiding others on how to establish their own garage gyms, leading to the creation of the Garage Gym Revolution’s Business Coaching Program.


The onset of the pandemic saw a surge in their garage gym’s popularity, leading to an influx of leads. However, as the leads increased, so did the challenges of managing them. Relying heavily on a direct-to-call webinar model and a monthly ad spend, Evan and his wife found themselves juggling an avalanche of inquiries. 

With a structure that had them at its core, they faced the daunting task of keeping every lead warm and engaged. The inefficiencies in their lead management system, combined with the sheer volume, meant potential clients were slipping through the cracks, necessitating a robust, scalable solution.


  • Stand out from the competition through unique marketing methods.
  • Improve lead nurturing processes to build trust with potential clients faster.
  • Boost monthly revenue beyond the previously stagnating $11k-$16k range.
  • Provide valuable content without being solely a content-generating machine.
  • Simplify processes for consistency and scalability in business growth.


  • Quadrupled return from January to August year over year without significantly increasing ad spend.
  • Consistent growth from about $11k-$16k a month to a steady $40,000 monthly revenue.
  • Enhanced lead nurturing, with many clients signing up after being in the group for 2-3 months.
  • Successfully implemented paid Facebook group strategies, benefitting both Evan’s business and his clients.
  • Nearing a million-dollar run rate with potential monthly revenue of $100k.


Despite initial success with the Garage Gym Revolution, Evan realized the need for sustainable growth strategies. 

When he encountered Clients & Community (C&C), he was drawn to the unique approach of using groups and simplified marketing funnels. Clients & Community (C&C)’s model did not rely heavily on content generation, which was an appealing factor. Evan also appreciated C&C’s forthright approach during their audit call, which helped him make informed decisions for his business.

Evan delved deep into C&C’s program, finishing their 13-week course in a matter of days due to its engaging content. He promptly implemented C&C’s promo cycle, which quickly became his main client acquisition strategy. Additionally, Evan introduced two more promo cycles for different offers, leading to significant client engagement and sales.


From being stuck at around $11k-$16k a month, Evan saw a tremendous leap in his revenue to an impressive $40k a month consistently. In July, his cash collection almost touched $83k, indicating his close approach to a million-dollar annual run rate. The strategies provided by C&C allowed Evan not only to boost his revenue but also to optimize his business processes, reduce his content generation load, and streamline his outreach.

With the newly acquired tools and strategies, Evan looks forward to further simplifying his business processes and wearing fewer hats. The goal is to ensure he has more time for personal priorities while his business continues to flourish.

“I’m sure that anybody watching this, if they picked up your book (C&C’s Million Dollar Group Method) and just, you know, implemented from page one to page the last page, like your business would change Now. Yeah. That doesn’t mean don’t sign up for prominence, but like, it goes to show you like how much value these guys at Clients & Community (C&C) really want to put out”

Evan Flock

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