Before you get into this, remember this is part 2 of my journey. If you haven’t caught up with part 1, make sure to read it here. 

Now, let’s pick up where we left off – at the start of my partnership with Landon. 

We were both following Mark Hoverson, but our paths hadn’t crossed… until Mark suggested I pick Landon up from the airport.

A Chance Meeting That Changed Everything

I still remember that hot summer day in Arizona. 

Driving my old, beat-up truck to the airport, I was about to pick up Landon, someone I had never met. 

He was sweating bullets in the passenger seat, asking… begging if he could roll down the window, lol. 

Little did we know, this uncomfortable, sweaty ride was the beginning of our partnership.

The Birth of a Partnership

There’s something magical about meeting someone who shares your vision and goals. 

With Landon, it just clicked. 

We made our first video within 10 minutes of meeting. 

It was spontaneous, a little chaotic, but it was the spark that eventually led to our business. 

That day, without even realizing it, we had sown the seeds of what would become a life-changing journey.

Scaling Heights and Facing Loss

In no time at all, we found ourselves working together with Mark, scaling one of his businesses from $25k to $250,000 a month. 

We were on top of the world, learning, growing, and making a real impact. 

But then, life hit us hard. 

Mark, our mentor, and guide, was diagnosed with the same type of cancer Steve Jobs had – an 18-inch tumor in his pancreas, and was given 90 days to live. 

He fought bravely, living longer than the doctors predicted, but eventually, we lost him. 

With his passing, we didn’t just lose a mentor; we lost our direction, our business – everything.

Starting Over

It’s one thing to build from scratch, but to start over? That’s a whole different challenge. 

I was so broke I had to sell my motorcycle to pay rent. 

And guess what?

The buyer even tried to sue me, claiming the bike was defective. 

We were scraping the bottom of the barrel, but the fire inside us didn’t die.

With barely any money in our pockets, Landon and I knew we couldn’t just sit back. 

We took up jobs at different companies, learned new skills, and slowly started to rebuild. 

But something was missing. 

We weren’t just after a paycheck; we wanted to make a difference, to build something of our own.

The Struggle to Break Through

Starting our own company was like hitting a reset button. 

It was exciting but daunting. 

Despite our experience and knowledge, we hit a wall at $20,000 a month and just couldn’t seem to break through. 

It was frustrating, to say the least. 

We even considered giving up, thinking maybe we were meant to do something else.

The Power of Mentorship

But then, we asked ourselves a crucial question: who can help us solve this problem? 

That’s when we realized we had isolated ourselves from growth and mentorship.

 We decided to invest in a mastermind, a decision that wasn’t easy but turned out to be a game-changer. 

We raised our prices, refined our strategy, and within 90 days, we hit our first $100,000 month.

The Journey to a Million-Dollar Month

From there, the journey was a whirlwind. 

We kept pushing, learning, and growing. We joined more masterminds, surrounded ourselves with people who were where we wanted to be, and broke through every barrier. 

Our first million-dollar month wasn’t just a milestone; it was a testament to resilience, mentorship, and the power of community.

Your Line in the Sand

So, what’s your line in the sand? 

What’s stopping you from taking that leap? 

Remember, it’s not just about the strategies or the know-how; it’s about being in the right ecosystem, surrounded by the right people. 

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time to ask yourself: who can help me break through?

The Next Step is Yours

Your journey might be different, but the principles remain the same. 

Surround yourself with people who push you to be better, who see the potential in you even when you don’t. 

Invest in your growth, be it through mentorship, masterminds, or simply reaching out to those who’ve walked the path before you.

And if you’re ready to take that step, to be part of a community that supports, challenges, and grows together, we’re here. 

Let’s make your story one of resilience, growth, and success. Because, trust me, once you take that step, there’s no looking back.

There’s more to this journey, more lessons learned, and more growth to share. 

Stay tuned for Part 3, where I’ll dive into the lessons we learned along the way and how you can apply them to your journey. 

Let’s keep moving forward, together. 🚀🌟