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About Hal Fischer

Hal Fischer is a serial entrepreneur, military veteran, and digital marketing expert. With his background in sales and marketing, he has started eight businesses across various industries.

After being introduced to the world of course creation and online coaching, he combined his sales experience with cutting-edge marketing strategies to help small businesses grow.


Hal had been running an incubator group on Facebook for a while but lacked a systematic approach to growing and managing the group. He knew there was potential to scale and optimize the group, but needed a proven method to do so.

He turned to Clients & Community to help him take his incubator group to the next level, and in the process, discovered the power of an exceptional client experience.


  • Grow and optimize his incubator Facebook Group
  • Improve client experience and streamline the sales process
  • Increase sales and help students achieve success


  • Generated $140K in new revenue
  • 34 new students enrolled in the first cohort after implementing new strategies
  • $825,000 in sales generated by students within seven weeks


Hal Fischer joined Clients & Community’s comprehensive Prominence Partnership Program, which provided him with the tools, knowledge, and systems needed to grow and manage his Facebook Group.

He implemented the launch sequence provided by the program and merged it with his own sales experience to create a unique and effective method for enrolling new students.

He also focused on improving the client experience by modeling the onboarding process and support system provided by Clients & Community. This helped him to create a better experience for his students and drive better results.


After implementing the strategies learned from Clients & Community, Hal Fischer experienced significant success. He enrolled 34 new students in his first cohort, who together generated an impressive $825,000 in sales within just seven weeks. By streamlining the sales process through chat-only interactions, Hal eliminated the need for sales calls. Furthermore, his effective coaching services brought him personal earnings of $140K during this period.

“Measuring success is not what I can give, it’s what can I give so that my students can give. And that’s what we’re all about. So this last cohort that we ran through 34 digital marketers, we ran them through a seven-week sales accelerator. They did $825,000 in sales, like just incredible in seven weeks.”

Hal Fischer

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