Imagine waking up tomorrow morning to a fresh set of leads.

Stick with me here…

It’s 7 AM. You wake up. Stretch a bit. Grab a coffee. And then… open your laptop to an inbox filled with eager, ready-to-invest clients…

Sounds like every coach’s daydream, doesn’t it?

But here’s the thing —  that dream? It’s OUR reality.

And it all began with having genuine conversations in a free Facebook™ group.

Yes… Conversations.

Not just the nod-and-smile type, but deep, genuine, “tell me more about that” conversations.

You see, while others were busy with sophisticated funnels or the next breakthrough ad strategy, we leaned into authentic engagement. We listened. We connected.

To us, conversations are more than just chats — they’re our currency.

Think about it… the more conversations you have, the more chances you get to turn those chats into… well, cha-ching!

So, you might be wondering, how exactly do we start these million-dollar conversations? 

Conversations that aren’t just about small talk, but about big results?

Let me pull back the curtain on our top four strategies to start conversations that don’t just engage — but convert.

Membership Questions

Ever been to a party where you felt out of place? We make sure no one feels that way in our group.

The moment someone knocks on the door to our group, we greet them with three personalized questions.

  1. Are You the Right Fit?: “This group is for [Target Audience]. Is that you? [YES OR NO]”. This helps us ensure you’ll thrive in our community.
  1. Want Exclusive Content?: “Share your email to get invites to our special live streams.” Instant value.
  1. Ready to Chat More?: “Interested in how I can help you achieve [Specific Result]? Should we chat privately about it?” A chance for deeper connection.

These aren’t just formalities; they’re our conversation starters. 

By sparking conversations right at the entrance, we pave the way for more meaningful interactions and open the door to green opportunities😉.


Think about your favorite talk show. 

The charisma, the engagement, the connection. 

Our live streams are that – but on steroids.

Instead of just broadcasting, we prioritize interaction. 

We don’t just talk at people; we talk with them. 

We create an atmosphere where you’re compelled to participate, comment, and… be a part of the magic.


No, it’s not a trap, but a magnet. Direct or indirect, our honeypots pull people in, spark interest, and foster genuine interactions.

  1. Direct Honey Pots: Straightforward posts like, “Want to work with our team? Comment below!” It’s an open invite.
  1. Indirect Honey Pots: These offer something valuable, like training, for a comment. It’s not about immediate sign-ups but getting good conversations started.

We keep things fresh, alternating between the two each month.

Active Engagement

Here’s where we double down. 

We believe in the power of a single comment, a single emoji, a single acknowledgment.

Every response gets our attention, and we see every interaction as an opportunity to provide value.

In the Trenches: From Conversation to Conversion

I’ll be honest with you—this isn’t a walk in the park. 

Our setting team? They’re on the ground, every day. Checking leads, deep-diving into messages, and revisiting past posts. 

It’s rigorous. It’s demanding. But it’s worth every second.

What’s more, each conversation has a flavor—a genuine human touch. No automated, robotic responses. Just pure, unadulterated human connection.

Your Turn…

Why am I sharing all this with you? Because it’s proven, it’s effective, and most importantly, it works.

Go live. Ask questions. Engage with your community. Tap into the potential of a free Facebook™ group.

And if you need a hand? We’re here. To guide, to inspire, to help you convert your conversations to cash.

We’ve set our bar, our standards, our success through conversations. How high will you set yours?