Your coaching program is good, really good. 

But the numbers? They just don’t add up. 

You’re pouring your heart and soul into your work, yet when you look at your revenue, something feels off.

You’re not alone in this boat. 

It’s a common crossroad for many coaches, consultants, and course creators. 

And here’s a thought…

Maybe it’s not about the quality of your program. 

Maybe it’s about the value you’ve placed on it, reflected through your pricing.

More Than Just Numbers

Pricing isn’t just about what you charge. It’s about the commitment you’re asking for and the value you believe you’re offering. 

You’re not just selling a service; you’re providing a path to transformation and success. And that’s got immense value.

Our Own Story of Change

I remember when we decided to raise our prices.

It felt risky, filled with ‘what ifs’. 

But it was also a moment of truth for us. 

What we found was surprising – not only did our revenue go up, but our clients were more committed. They were more invested, more engaged, and guess what? They achieved incredible results.

Three Simple Yet Powerful Principles

These principles aren’t just theories; they’re tried and tested methods that work.

  1. Value Equals Commitment: Higher prices often lead to a stronger commitment from clients. They’re more likely to dive in, work hard, and make the most of your program.
  1. Small Steps Lead to Big Changes: Don’t shock your system or your clients with a sudden, huge price hike. Gradual increases are the way to go. It’s about easing into your new pricing, both for you and your clients.
  1. Simplicity Wins: More doesn’t always mean better. Often, the most powerful transformations come from simple, focused strategies.

Why This Matters to You

You might be wondering, “How does this apply to me?” 

Whether you’re at the start of your coaching journey or looking to scale, your pricing strategy is a crucial part of your success story.

Think about it. 

You’re not just offering a course or a session; you’re guiding people through significant changes in their lives. 

That’s a big deal. 

Your pricing should reflect the incredible value and transformation you provide.

Time for Action

Raising your prices is about more than just extra income. 

It’s about valuing your work and attracting clients who are serious about change. It’s a step towards recognizing your worth and the powerful impact you make.

So, give it some thought. And when you’re ready, embrace that change. Adjust your prices, not just for your business’s sake, but for the transformative journey you offer.

If you’re feeling unsure, remember, we’re here to help. We’ve walked this road and have guided many others down the same path.

Here’s to your success and the invaluable journey you offer. 

Let’s make those numbers count!