Ever tried to pedal uphill on a bike with a flat tire?

You’re giving it all you’ve got; sweat pouring, muscles burning. Yet, you’re hardly making progress. It feels like the universe itself is pushing against you.

I’ve spoken to a thousand coaches in the last few years and this is exactly how they feel when trying to scale to $30K/month…

The general belief? 

Pedal faster, push harder, and eventually, you’ll make it.

But here’s the thing…

Pushing harder is definitely not the answer.

Stapes and I? We’ve been on that ride, and let’s keep it real here…

When we first started, getting to $10k was all about sweat, grit, and hustle. 

But the journey to $30k? It became about working smarter, not just harder.

Let me give you a peek behind the curtain…

Work Less, Earn More – The Power of Automation

To break through to that $30K/month mark, it’s not about doubling down on your efforts. It’s about smart automation. 

It’s a transition from sweat to intellect, from brawn to brain. It’s about making money more efficiently…

Stapes and I discovered this magic formula in early 2020: Paid advertising

For every dollar we dropped in, we saw five-fold in return. 

Imagine creating an ad, and then seeing it rake in $250K… month after month… for 18 straight months. That’s the power of effective automation.

Leverage – The Scale Multiplier

When you’re starting out, organic methods form the foundation of your strategies… 

But to really scale, you need to tap into the power of leverage… Paid ads, automated funnels, and emails that sell even while you sleep.

We’re reaching over a million unique people every month, thanks to our ad strategies. And these aren’t just any people, they’re potential clients who’ve never seen us before. 

Can you even imagine that kind of reach organically?

And, while organic is essential to validate your messaging, to truly scale, it’s the paid strategies that give you wings. 

Our Facebook group? Still a significant part of our client acquisition strategy, but the real magic lies in pairing it with a robust paid ads strategy.

Simplicity – The Heart of Strategy

Yes, systems and automation are important. But at the end of the day, it’s about simplicity. 

Take your organic message, amplifying it with paid advertising, leading it into a funnel, collecting data, and then nurturing potential clients with automated emails and your Facebook group.

In essence, focus on these pillars: Paid Ads, an Automated Sales Funnel, and Email Marketing.

Embracing the Next Phase

There’s something exhilarating about seeing your efforts pay off. And sometimes, with the right guidance and systems, you can skip through phase two, rocketing straight to phase three ($100K/month). 

But, remember this – never skip the essentials.

Every piece, every strategy, every ad you write, it’s all a step closer to your dream revenue. With every effort, you get better…

The Next Step…

Our journey, with all its ups, downs, twists, and turns, has landed us here—sharing the gold we’ve found with all of you. 

The path from $0 to $10K was all about sweat, grit, and hustle. The jump from $10K to $30K/month? It’s a strategic climb.

It’s clear: Scaling requires Paid Ads, an Automated Sales Funnel, and Email Marketing.

So, ask yourself, where do you stand right now? If you’re sitting comfortably at $10K, are you ready to embrace the new mindset, tactics, and tools for $30K?

If yes, it’s time. Time to invest in the right tools. Time to innovate, automate, and captivate. 

And if you ever need some guidance on this new ascent, remember… We’re right here, ready to help.

After all, we’re all climbers on this mountain of ambition. 

Let’s reach the next peak together.