Ever been in one of those Facebook groups where every other post feels like a sales pitch? Yeah, me too. 

And let’s be real, it’s a turn-off.

So here’s the conundrum: How do you sell without actually…selling?

If you’ve been following along (and if you’ve missed out, make sure you read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), you’ll know that we’ve cracked the code on growing and engaging a Facebook group. But what about monetizing it without sounding like a broken sales record?

In this installment of our 5-part series, I’m pulling back the curtain on our “Undercover Conversion Method”… and trust me, it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

The Myth: Selling = Being Salesy…

Here’s the truth… You can sell without coming across as salesy. 

Sounds counterintuitive? Stick with me.

When someone hops into our group, they might think, “How are these guys making money? I don’t see any sales happening here!” But that’s where they’re wrong. We’ve mastered the art of subtle selling…

The Art: Undercover Conversion Method…

So, here’s how we do it…

We never directly sell inside our group. Yes, you read that right. No pitches. No blatant product plugs. Instead, we focus on one thing: conversations. 

The goal of our group isn’t to get members to hit the ‘buy’ button. It’s to get them talking, to engage in genuine conversations.

And it’s in these conversations that the magic happens. We find out about their challenges, their needs, their goals. And if we believe we can genuinely help, only then do we introduce our offer. But it’s not in the group. It’s in private messenger chats, or over a phone call.

The Process: From Conversation to Conversion…

So, imagine this…

Someone joins our group. They answer a few introductory questions, and one of them subtly hints at our offer. But it doesn’t sell anything directly. It simply asks if they’d like more information.

And you’d be amazed at how many say yes!

But the process doesn’t end there. We engage them. We share value-packed posts from our group that can help them. We warm them up, not with sales pitches, but with genuine value.

And when they’re ready, they come to us, asking about our offer.

The Impact: Real Results for Us and Our Clients…

This isn’t just theory. It’s practice. Our clients, like Brandon Olson and Ben Gower, have seen tremendous results. And it’s not just them. So many of our clients have experienced insane growth, all thanks to this approach (see our case studies).

Your Next Move…

So here’s my challenge to you: 

Re-think your selling strategy. Are you being too direct? Too pushy? Or are you engaging in genuine conversations?

Stick around for Part 5. We’ll be diving deeper, giving you more insights, and sharing more of our journey.

And if you haven’t yet, definitely check out Part 3. It’ll give you the context you need for what’s coming next.

Together, we can transform how we sell, how we engage, and how we succeed.

Catch you on the flip side!