Ever felt like you’re on a treadmill in your business, running at full speed, but not really getting anywhere?

Let’s rewind a bit…

Flashback to December 2019. Our revenue stood at a steady $20k/month. Steady… but not growing. 

Stapes, Jaden, and I? We were on the edge of giving up. 

No fairytale ending in sight, no overnight success story. Heck, our narrative seemed destined to be a sob story.

And yet, fast-forward a little…

In just 90 days, that modest $20k transformed into an awe-inspiring $118k per month! 

A mere six months later? We hit the $200k mark. 

But, as dazzling as those figures sound, it’s not the number that matters. It was the ‘how’…

The world will tell you that success lies in “doing more.” More offers, more platforms, more funnels. But what if… the magic isn’t in the “more”… but in the “right”?

When we started, we stepped onto the same treadmill many do. More courses. More outreach. More, more, more. 

The results? Crickets. 

Until we decided to stop doing “more” – and focused instead on doing things “right.”

Our game-changer? Three pivotal moves…

Raising the Bar… and the Price

Before you think, “Oh, it’s just about hiking up prices!”—hold that thought. Because there’s a method to the madness. 

We raised our price from a $1,000 course to a $3,000 one. 

Sounds simple, right?

But we didn’t just slap a higher price tag and hoped for the best. We transformed our value proposition. 

So, even with just three extra clients, our earnings tripled.

Maths can be beautiful when it’s working in your favor, right? 😏

Two Pillars… Then Three

If you’re gunning for that $100k/month goal, two things are non-negotiable:

  • A super valuable, scalable offer.
  • A rock-solid mechanism for getting those clients in.

It’s not about having ten mediocre offers; it’s about having that ONE golden goose. 

The same goes for acquisition. We crafted a stellar, value-driven offer and paired it with a mechanism that pulled in clients like a magnet.

Oh, and if you’re daydreaming about going beyond $100k… ditch the solo act and assemble your dream team to share the workload.

The ‘Where’ Matters Less Than the ‘How’

Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. TikTok. You name it, and there’s a method there.

But here’s a secret—it wasn’t so much about which platform we used, but how we used it.

It’s like fishing. The ocean is vast, the fishes are numerous, but if you don’t have the right bait, the right technique… you return empty-handed. 

And for us? Our Facebook group became our fishing ground—our little ocean.

Within our group—without the ‘salesy’ part—we connected, engaged, and truly built relationships. 

No gimmicks. Just genuine, value-driven content. 

And the best part? We didn’t have to produce it all. 

The community stepped in, creating an ecosystem of shared knowledge.

Decoding Our Formula

How did we do it? 

I mean, scaling to $10 million/year in just two years isn’t child’s play, right?

… Paid Ads (specifically on Facebook) for that ever-needed reach…

…A landing page that captures complimentary information…

…Our exclusive Facebook group of over 50,000 members—where magic happens daily…

…User-generated content—because the real power lies in your voice…

…And of course, livestreams. A sneak peek into our world.

Sounds simple? It is… but with a twist.

Time for Reflection… and Action

Take a breath. Look at your business. Are there complexities? Knots that need to be untangled? Perhaps it’s time to simplify. To hone in. To focus.

We were once where you are. But by embracing the power of simplicity, strategy, and sincerity, we found our path.

So, what’s your next move? Where will you simplify? Remember, my friends: Less is more. Less noise. More clarity. Less chaos. More growth.

And always, always… see you at the top. ✌️