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About Jason Linette

Jason Linette is a professional hypnotist with over a dozen years of experience. He runs two successful businesses: a hypnosis training and certification company, and a pre-sold client attraction system that focuses on ethical influence and belief-shifting persuasion. 

By combining his expertise in hypnosis with a strong background in sales and marketing, Jason has been able to create impactful and scalable projects that deliver results for his clients. 


Jason faced challenges with new audience acquisition and struggled to find a sustainable model for his coaching business. 

He was already running a successful hypnosis training and certification company, but he needed a way to grow his client base and better serve his existing clients. He tried various Facebook group training, but none of them provided the results he was looking for. He needed a solution that would help him acquire new clients without resorting to cold messaging or sleazy tactics.


  • Increase conversions and revenue without compromising on the quality of the program and its impact on clients


  • Generated $60,000 in five days, consistently reached a six-figure revenue level per month, and achieved $1 Million in new revenue


Jason Linette, the guest on the podcast, enrolled in the Clients & Community coaching program. He refined his offer, program, and pricing, and shifted to a group coaching model. 

He utilized the strategies and tools provided by Clients & Community to optimize his Facebook group, create a more interactive and engaging promotional campaign, and focus on the outcomes and journey for his clients. 

Additionally, Jason simplified his approach to create more effective campaigns. 


By implementing the strategies and methods learned from the Clients & Community coaching program, Jason not only generated $60,000 in five days from a single promo cycle but also achieved $1 Million in new revenue. 

His business is now consistently generating a six-figure revenue level per month. He attributes his success to the ongoing support, real-time updates, and practical strategies provided by the Clients & Community coaching program. 

“What makes C&C stand out is that it goes back to the name Clients & Community. Your program is not just something created to sell, but a system that is currently working and evolving in real time, which makes it more valuable and practical for business owners like myself.”

Jason Linette

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