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About Jenne Todd

Jenne is a dedicated entrepreneur with 19 years of experience under her belt, having worked in various industries, including massage therapy, network marketing, and finally, coaching.

Through her business, Shift Collective, she helps emerging entrepreneurs by combining high-performance coaching, self-mastery, confidence, and visibility training with hard skills, ensuring their success.


Jenne’s coaching practice became incredibly busy, and she found herself running out of hours in the day to take on new clients. With a long waitlist and limited time, she needed to find a way to automate her processes and reach a wider audience without compromising the quality of her services.

Despite exploring various options and attending training sessions, she couldn’t find the right solution to address her challenges, until she discovered a targeted ad from Clients & Community that changed the game for her.


  • Increase coaching practice capacity by leveraging automation.
  • Develop a client acquisition model to reach the right audience.
  • Improve existing community engagement and trust.


  • 127 new Facebook group members within a day after launching.
  • 34 calls booked in the week before Christmas.
  • Generated $20,000 from her first promo cycle


Jenne implemented Clients & Community’s proven steps and strategies to effectively set up and launch a Facebook group tailored to her target audience. 

She prioritized fostering genuine connections with potential clients through initiating conversations, sending direct messages, and making phone calls. 

By combining high-performance coaching with client acquisition strategies, Jenne aimed to help emerging entrepreneurs overcome their fears of selling and grow their businesses confidently.


Jenne’s efforts led to a successful launch of the Facebook group, with the first promotional cycle completed within a month. The group saw high engagement and trust from both existing and new community members, indicating the effectiveness of her approach.

As a result, she managed to book 34 calls with interested individuals. These calls not only led to the conversion of some private clients but also provided valuable insights to further refine her strategies and offerings.

Impressively, Jenne generated $20,000 in revenue from her first promo cycle in just four days, showcasing the potential of her methods.

“Get in touch with these guys [Clients & Community]. It was an answer to my prayers. Honestly, I really believe that it’s changed the game for me, overnight. And I’ll just continue to build on that. So yeah, thank you to you guys. I’m really, really grateful for everything and to be here. Yeah. Thank you. “

Jenne Todd

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