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About Jordan Mather

Jordan Mather is an entrepreneur who persevered through numerous challenges in his life. From dropping out of school to pursuing a startup, Jordan went through years of hardships trying to make his entrepreneurship dream work.

Despite facing financial difficulties, he maintained a relentless drive to succeed and ultimately discovered a transformative business model that allowed him to focus on producing great content while creating a world-class offer.


The primary challenge Jordan faced was financial instability. He worked tirelessly, providing immense value to the marketplace, but still found himself struggling to make ends meet.

Jordan’s breaking point came when he had to choose between paying rent and buying groceries. At this moment, he realized that he needed help to overcome his obstacles and achieve success in his entrepreneurial journey.


  • Help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and improve their quality of life by leveraging a community and a proven framework, while also increasing personal revenue and financial success


  • Grew revenue from $30,000 to $300,000 quarters
  • Significantly increased influence and reputation in the industry


Jordan Mather joined Clients & Community and adopted our group framework, content strategy, and sales methods. He focused on creating quality content and fostering conversations with potential clients to understand their needs better.

By sharing real stories and demonstrating his passion for his work, Jordan was able to build strong relationships with his audience, leading to increased sales and influence.


After implementing the strategies taught by Clients & Community, Jordan saw a remarkable increase in his business revenue.

He went from making $30,000 to having $300,000 quarters with over $350,000 cash collected in just one quarter.

He also gained recognition and respect from industry influencers, who once treated him as a mere “tech guy.”

“Joining Clients & Community has helped me become the person I’ve always wanted to be and knew I could become. The strategies, the community, the authenticity, and the integrity of the people involved have been instrumental in my success. I’m a Clients & Community soldier forever now because of the impact it has had on my life and business.”

Jordan Mather.

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