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About Joseph Sebestyen

Joseph Sebestyen is an experienced educator with a passion for helping student-athletes prepare for their AP history exams. 

With over 14 years in the education field, he founded Athletes in AP History, an online tutoring business that has transformed the lives of countless students. 


Joseph faced difficulties in finding clients and generating revenue for his online tutoring business. With no direction in marketing or advertising, he struggled to create a sustainable business model. This challenge led him to search for coaching and guidance to help him establish a successful and profitable business.


  • Transition from public education to running his own tutoring and test prep business
  • Develop a targeted niche and audience for his test prep services
  • Create a profitable, high-quality coaching program for students


  • Joe made over $83,000 with his coaching business in 4 months
  • His best month generated over $35,000 in revenue
  • He became successfully established as an expert in the marketplace


Joe engaged with Clients & Community to gain clarity and concentrate on his business’s direction, focusing on his passion for test prep and tutoring. Through the Prominence Partnership Program, he acquired a clear roadmap, honing his marketing and advertising skills for effective lead generation.

With the invaluable coaching from C&C, Joe built a high-quality coaching program for his students, inspired by the Prominence Partnership curriculum. He benefited from consistent support, motivation, and encouragement to take action, which ultimately contributed to his outstanding success.


oe Sebestyen transitioned from his career in public education to running his own successful tutoring and test prep business. He made over $83,000, with his best month generating over $35,000 in revenue. 

He found greater fulfillment in his work and more freedom in his personal life, allowing him to spend more time with his family.

By following the guidance provided by C&C, Joe was able to establish himself as an expert in the marketplace. He successfully targeted his ideal audience and developed a high-quality coaching program for his students, which led to a high level of satisfaction among his clients. 

Joe’s success is a testament to the effectiveness of the Clients & Community approach and support. 

“Thank you guys [Clients & Community]. I mean, you literally have changed the direction of my life. I mean, I really mean that. This has given me a lot more fulfillment in that I’m also like, I’m teaching again, just in a different capacity. So it’s, it’s been an awesome journey. I owe everything to you guys.”

Joseph Sebestyen

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