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About King Gabriel

King Gabriel is an influential spiritual coach and energetic practitioner who has made his mark in transforming people’s lives. 

His focus is on visionaries, heart-based entrepreneurs, and light leaders, helping them to live thriving lives and lead exceptionally. 

King’s unique approach involves nurturing the inherent potential within individuals, helping them break through their self-imposed limitations, and unlocking their true capabilities. 

Alongside his business partner and wife, Gabriel aims to guide his clients towards living thriving lives and leading exceptionally, regardless of the challenges they may face.


King Gabriel had already achieved significant success with his business model, running launches, and doing ads to draw in his audience. However, his business faced a crucial challenge: inconsistency. 

While he experienced incredibly successful months, bringing in as much as $200k, there were other months where the earnings were much lower, sometimes dipping to $30k.

This feast and famine cycle meant his business lacked a steady and predictable stream of income, leading to difficulties in managing resources and making necessary payments. 

The need for constant client acquisition became apparent to him, sparking the need for a strategy that could provide consistent revenue. 

This challenge was particularly acute in between the big launches when there was a notable gap in income generation, thus posing a threat to the sustainability of his business model.


  • Attain consistent revenue generation while maintaining the quality and impact of services.
  • Engage inactive members and increase overall group engagement.
  • Implement a client acquisition system that operates regardless of the launch size.


  • Created a consistent revenue stream that isn’t reliant solely on big launches.
  • Revived the engagement in the group and attracted inactive members to partake.
  • Generated significant returns within a short promo cycle


King Gabriel, prior to joining Clients & Community, had already managed to gather a significant number of group members – around 7.1K. Despite having significant success with launches and ads, he was facing the issue of inconsistent revenue flow.

Upon joining the Prominence Partnership Program, King Gabriel began to strategically implement techniques he learned to enhance group engagement and to establish a more consistent client acquisition system. He introduced the idea of “anticipation posts” to create a buzz in the group and prepare members for upcoming events.

King Gabriel also used “taboo topics” in his posts, issues that his members were dealing with secretly, which helped them to feel seen and understood, leading to safer and more effective engagement. The posts were always adapted to his audience’s language and perspectives to ensure authenticity and effectiveness.

To achieve consistent revenue generation, King Gabriel’s approach was to keep some level of activity going even when there were no big launches happening. The implementation of this model took about 20 hours in total and was spread out in a way that was sustainable for him.


King Gabriel managed to put in place a consistent client acquisition system that didn’t rely solely on big launches. 

The anticipation posts and taboo topics posts significantly improved the group’s engagement, with members becoming more active and even inactive ones beginning to partake.

The time and energy invested in this strategy paid off as he saw a considerable return on investment from these newly implemented strategies. 

By devoting approximately 20 hours to setting up and running the promo cycle, he managed to get more people excited and engaged in his offerings than ever before. 

He conducted around 12 triage calls, leading to strategy sessions, all of which delivered impressive results. 

King Gabriel’s community was not only revived, but it was thriving, with members actively participating, raising their hands, and eager to move forward with him. 

This was a noticeable shift from the previous situation, where members were passive observers rather than active participants.

“Working with you guys, I was able to achieve something truly amazing. The client acquisition strategies have brought consistency and have breathed new life into my group. It has become more active, more engaged, and more profitable. The beauty of it all is that it took only 20 hours of work time. Some people work 20 hours and see nowhere close to that ever. To me, it’s just a no-brainer.”

King Gabriel

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