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About Liz Hansen

Liz Hansen is a professional photographer who runs a successful studio. With years of experience and a unique perspective on the business side of photography, she saw the opportunity to share her knowledge with other photographers.

As an educator with a master’s degree in education, she combined her passion for teaching with her desire to help fellow photographers achieve success in their businesses.


Liz had no coaching program when she started her journey. She had created a few videos, but they were not selling, and she was unsure of how to create a successful coaching program. Furthermore, Liz needed to learn a new online marketing strategy to reach a wider audience than her local brick-and-mortar studio.

Despite her fear of the unknown and the investment required, she knew she needed guidance and support to make her vision a reality.


  • Liz Hansen aimed to create a successful online photography coaching program, helping photographers improve their skills and generate income


  • Liz went from zero earnings and no prior course or coaching experience to earning $100,000 through her program in 7 months.


Liz enrolled in Clients & Community and followed their guidance to revamp her initial idea for the program.

She spent the summer creating her course, working closely with C&C to refine the structure and content. Liz launched a beta version of the program to gather feedback and make improvements before officially launching at full price.


Liz successfully launched her coaching program, transforming from having no earnings and no experience in course creation to generating $100,000 in revenue.

Her evergreen course has seen continuous enrollment, and the remarkable results achieved by her students can be attributed to the guidance she received from Clients & Community.

“I’ll still say that today, if I’d only made back the price of the [Clients & Community] program, I still would’ve, I would still do it because of how much I learned.”

Liz Hansen.

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