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About Magie Cook

Magie Cook is a motivational speaker and coach, helping aspiring and current motivational speakers level up their game or launch their careers. 

From humble beginnings in an orphanage in Mexico, Magie rose to success, building a fresh salsa business that was eventually sold to Campbell Soup for $231 million. 

She later discovered her true calling in public speaking and coaching, helping others achieve similar success by sharing her knowledge and passion. 


Magie was already an accomplished speaker with a growing demand for her services. However, she was unsure of how to monetize her expertise and expand her reach through coaching. 

She needed a way to turn her passion for public speaking into a profitable business that could benefit others seeking to enter the industry or improve their skills.


  • Grow revenue coaching and speaking business
  • Transition into coaching aspiring and current motivational speakers
  • Help clients reach their own success in the speaking industry


  • Magie grew her speaking fees to range between $40K and $70K for one-hour sessions
  • She launched her coaching program
  • He became successfully established as an expert in the marketplace


Magie Cook focused on setting up a strong foundation for her coaching business, ensuring her website and speaker reel were professional and credible. She leveraged her established reputation as a motivational speaker to attract clients to her coaching program. 

With a focus on understanding the pain points and needs of her clients, Magie crafted a program specifically for women who are aspiring or current motivational speakers looking to level up their game or get started in the industry.

By following the guidance provided by Clients & Community (C&C), Magie began building anticipation and excitement for her coaching program through targeted Facebook posts. 

Although she had only completed a small portion of C&C’s initial momentum-building strategies, Magie was already seeing significant results in terms of client interest and revenue.


Within three weeks of working with Clients & Community, Magie Cook generated over $30K in revenue from her coaching business. She accomplished this by capitalizing on her credibility as a successful motivational speaker and her professional online presence.

Magie’s coaching program has quickly gained traction, enrolling 151 members and generating over $550K in new revenue. 

With more discovery call bookings scheduled, Magie is excited about the future growth of her coaching business and the impact she can have on her clients’ lives.

“Clients & Community (C&C) has been a godsend for me because it’s just literally following what you say. And I did it and it all started with the two Facebook posts.”

Magie Cook

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