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About Marcia Bench

Marcia Bench is a distinguished Digital Marketer, Copywriter, Reinvention Coach, and #1 best-selling author and trainer, celebrated for her expertise in entrepreneurship, transition, and personal growth. With over 30 years of experience, she has authored 28 books, including The High-Ticket Group Coaching Method, Conscious Client Attraction, and the Amazon #1 bestseller Become an Inspirational Thought Leader.

Marcia remains dedicated to helping ambitious women coaches, authors, and speakers maximize their impact on the world as they scale their businesses and become global thought leaders. 


Before joining Clients and Community, Marcia faced several challenges in her business. She struggled with lead generation and expanding her business despite having owned it for 19 years. 

Although she had tried Facebook ads in the past, she was not successful and even got locked out of Facebook three times in a year. 

She needed a more effective strategy to grow her online presence and reach her target audience.


  • Achieve sustainable growth and monetize her Facebook group


  • Generated $40,000 in just 18 hours!
  • Achieved $340,000 in new revenue in under 7 months.


Marcia Bench joined Clients & Community’s Prominence Partnership Program to help her grow her business. The program provided her with the tools and strategies needed to build and monetize a Facebook group effectively. 

Marcia implemented the group content formula, focusing on strategic content, and followed the group monetization strategy, which involved building connections with her audience and promoting her high-ticket programs. 


In a short period, Marcia’s group revenue saw a remarkable increase, achieving $40,000 in a single 18-hour promo cycle. 

By following the program’s strategies, she successfully generated a total revenue of $340,000 in just under seven months. 

With ad spending ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per month, Marcia managed to expand her group and establish a steady stream of recurring income.

“”If you’ve never done marketing before, the templates that these guys [Clients & Community] provide are just so useful because they give you a starting point so that you’re not looking at the blank screen, and they’ve already proven that they work. So I love that.”

Marcia Bench.

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