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About Maria Theresa

Maria, co-founder of the “Elevate Mentoring” Facebook group, is a trailblazer in real estate investment coaching. 

Starting her journey with the C&C’s Prominence program, she swiftly found her niche and now delivers practical strategies to help both budding and seasoned investors secure their next big deal. 

Through her group, Maria offers a platform where members gain insights into a proven real estate system, while also benefiting from collaborative interactions with other industry peers.


At the beginning of her journey with C&C, Maria faced the significant challenge of not having a product to sell. Despite her enthusiasm, she lacked clarity on her niche and direction. The journey seemed daunting with a lot of options but no defined path. 

Furthermore, Maria’s nature as a perfectionist meant she often hesitated, seeking the perfect solution. Her initial challenge was to overcome this perfectionist mindset, find her unique selling proposition, and launch an offer that not only generates revenue but also truly impacts her clients’ lives.


  • Establish a thriving and engaged Facebook community from zero.
  • Leverage the power of ads to grow the community while being cost-effective.
  • Offer valuable content that positions the brand as a reliable authority in real estate.
  • Increase monthly revenue substantially.


  • Successfully grew a Facebook group from 0 to over 2,000 members.
  • Generated $62,000 in revenue for the month of August.
  • Successfully executed two honeypots every month, leading to numerous sales.
  • Achieved a cost of $5 per lead and $8 to $9 ROAS per group member through ad conversions.


Maria Theresa and her team decided to fully commit to the strategies taught by Clients & Community (C&C). Recognizing that they didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, they adopted the templates and schedules proposed by C&C. This included launching regular content schedules with weekly live sessions, deal breakdowns, and valuable trainings, such as how to leverage AI for real estate.

One key strategy was the execution of two honeypots every month. These honeypots served as a mechanism to identify potential leads (hand raisers) and occasionally, direct sales. While providing a lot of free content, the team also made sure to emphasize the value of their coaching, making it clear that while free content is beneficial, the real transformative value comes from their coaching and guidance.

Another crucial approach was utilizing the power of ads. Even though they had a small initial following from one of their partners, Jason, the majority of their growth came from paid ads. They also leaned on the success and expertise of Chris, a million-dollar C&C client turned staff, to expedite their tech solutions and overall strategy.


Following C&C’s approach, Maria’s team saw substantial growth in their business operations. In August, they were able to achieve a staggering $62,000 in revenue. A significant portion of this revenue, about 80%, came from their 10-day promo cycle, proving the effectiveness of the strategies they adopted.

Additionally, the ad templates provided by C&C proved to be extremely effective, with each lead costing only $5 and each group member generating a ROAS of $8 to $9. This efficient ad conversion not only helped them grow their community but also positioned them as authorities in the real estate niche.

“I’m super grateful for everyone at Clients & Community (C&C) and just know that you are impacting lives. You’ve impacted me and my business partners, but you’re also impacting every one of our clients because we wouldn’t be able to do what we’re doing without you guys. So thank you so much.”

Maria Theresa

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