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About Matt Van Der Laar

Matt Van Der Laar is an online health and fitness coach who specializes in helping chronic dieters break their unhealthy cycles and develop sustainable weight loss strategies. 

With over three years of experience, he has built a successful coaching practice and a team of six, focusing on transforming clients’ mindsets, habits, and behaviors.


Matt faced a decline in organic leads and struggled with lead generation as his TikTok presence diminished. 

With a limited understanding of how to build relationships and convert clients, he needed a new approach to grow his business. His goal was to create a supportive and engaged community that would drive client attraction and foster long-lasting connections


  • Matt Van Der Laar’s objectives were to increase his investment returns and grow his business by leveraging the strategies taught in C&C’s Prominence Partnership Program


  • Matt 5X’ed his investment and made $30,000 in the first month after enrolling in the program. He also experienced significant growth in his Facebook group, adding 2,500 members in just a few months.


Matt had an existing Facebook group with 5,000 organic members, which he had built over three years. After enrolling in the Prominence Partnership Program, he began implementing promo cycles and paid ads, leading to rapid growth in the group’s membership. He also focused on offering value to his audience by addressing their specific struggles, such as creating a calorie calculator as a lead magnet.

Matt emphasized the importance of mindset in his program, working with clients to overcome thinking errors like black-and-white thinking and all-or-nothing thinking. The coaching and guidance provided by C&C’s team helped him improve his sales psychology and refine his messaging to better serve his audience.


Matt’s proactive approach and implementation of strategies learned in the Prominence Partnership Program led to impressive results. 

He 5X’ed his investment, making $30,000 in the first month and significantly growing his Facebook group. This growth allowed him to help more people overcome their struggles with weight loss and mindset.

Your program works! I four or five Xed my investment with you. I think I did 30 K that first month, right? Because of a promo cycle that I started doing right off the bat with you all.”

Matt Van Der Laar

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