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About Matthew Walrath

Matthew Walrath is a nutrition coach who specializes in helping other nutrition coaches build successful businesses with a focus on mindset, marketing, and sales systems. 

He is passionate about empowering his clients to move beyond their side hustles and fully commit to creating profitable businesses they love. 


Matthew was facing a plateau in his business growth, despite investing in ads and seeing a return on ad spend. He felt that there was still room for improvement and wanted to increase the effectiveness of his Facebook group to achieve even greater results. He believed there was potential to generate more income without relying solely on ads and sought expert guidance to uncover the strategies that would elevate his business to the next level.


  • Break through a business growth plateau and scale earnings.


  • Generated $100,000 in a month without spending on ads


After joining Clients & Community’s Prominence Partnership Program, Matthew focused on creating high-quality pillar content within his Facebook group. He strategically promoted this content to not only increase engagement but also to convert leads into clients. He understood the importance of connecting with his target audience and creating content that speaks directly to them.

Matthew also recognized the value of creating a community culture within his group, which helped to build trust and rapport with his clients. He involved his team in shaping and maintaining the group culture, ensuring that it remained strong as the group grew in size.


By implementing the strategies learned in the Prominence Partnership Program, Matthew was able to generate $100,000 in a month without spending on ads. He saw an increase in his group engagement rate, and his sales pipeline experienced a boost as well.

His group’s community culture flourished, with super fans actively participating in discussions and content creation. This sense of community helped to convert leads into clients and establish long-term relationships. 

“The value has been fantastic…what you provide is very, very valuable. I’m most excited about the community culture that I’ve been able to create within the group… I’m seeing the culture of this group shift because I’ve brought the culture to my team, and they can reflect that into the group as well.”

Matthew Walrath

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