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About David Charon and Stephanie McPhail

David Charon and Stephanie McPhail are a power couple who work together to help people find and maintain thriving relationships. 

With Stephanie’s background in education and a personal drive to help others, they created a unique program to heal people from toxic relationship trauma and guide them towards healthy, fulfilling relationships.


David and Stephanie knew they had a valuable service to offer, but they struggled to reach more people and monetize their existing Facebook group. 

Despite spending thousands on coaching, they weren’t getting the results they wanted. They almost believed their niche might be the problem until they discovered a new approach to Facebook group management that would transform their business.


  • Increase revenue, expand client base, and optimize their business processes to improve client results


  • Generated $7,000 in a day after joining the program, and now make over $15,000 per month


Stephanie McPhail and David Charon knew that to take their business to the next level, they needed a comprehensive and effective strategy for client acquisition and group management. With this in mind, they enrolled in Clients & Community’s (C&C) program.

Under the guidance of the program’s expert instructors, Stephanie and David learned the best practices for engaging with their target audience, creating compelling content, and developing a consistent posting schedule. They also discovered how to effectively use Facebook’s advertising platform to reach new potential clients and build their online community.

As they implemented the strategies they learned in the C&C program, Stephanie and David saw their Facebook group flourish. The group’s engagement levels skyrocketed, and their content resonated with their target audience. They were also able to optimize their client acquisition process, ensuring they attracted the right clients to fuel their business’s growth.


The impact of Stephanie and David’s participation in the Clients & Community program was almost immediate. Within just one week of implementing the strategies they learned, they generated an impressive $7,000 in a single day. This early success proved to them that they were on the right track, and it motivated them to continue refining their approach.

Over time, Stephanie and David’s monthly revenue grew exponentially. By consistently following the strategies provided by C&C, they were able to increase their earnings to over $15,000 per month. This not only allowed them to reinvest in their business and expand their services, but it also provided them with the financial stability they had always dreamed of achieving.

As they continued to hone their skills and apply the lessons learned from the C&C program, Stephanie and David saw a steady increase in their client base. This influx of new business also allowed them to reassess their pricing structure, and they decided to increase their rates to better reflect the value they provide to their clients.

Overall, Stephanie and David’s experience with Clients & Community’s program was transformative. By adopting the program’s proven strategies, they elevated their business to new heights and achieved a level of success they had previously only dreamed of.

“”Working with Clients & Community has been nothing short of fantastic. You guys are approachable, humble, honest, and transparent. You truly care about our success and have created systems and processes that are easy to follow and produce results. Just thanks. Yeah, thanks to you guys. We are thrilled with the results we’ve achieved.”

Stephanie McPhail and David Charon.

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